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Genitalor butt Acne Causes

The most common site of acne is face. However, it can also occur in the back, abdomen, arms, thighs, groin area and buttocks. Genital acne can occur in men and women as well. This is also called genital lumps acne or Hidradenitis Suppurativa. The cause of genital acne is same as for the other forms of acne. When the hair follicles are clogged wit... more info

Acne Treatments Truth

It is said that acne cannot be cured but there are a lot of acne treatments which can curb and prevent the development of acne. The undisclosed fact about acne is that it can be controlled by following the path of prevention. Another method is the usage of acne treatments with the guidance of a dermatologist for the. Acne treatments are many and ... more info

Are You Infested With Acne Problem

There are very few people in the world who can boast of an acne free skin. Although it is very difficult to have the perfect skin, but the most harrowing fact of all is a large chunk of the world’s population is suffering from acne problem. According to dermatologists almost eighty percent of the total population of the world, have an acne ... more info

Menstural Cycle And Acne

Women are prone to acne when the menstrual cycle is shortly ahead. This is mostly attributed to the changes in the levels of hormones. The menstrual cycle plays a key role in formation of acne. Adolescent girls who are at the threshold of puberty also get acne due to changes in the hormone levels. Premenstrual acne seems to ha... more info

Why Do I Get Acne

It is not that you do something and because of that you get acne. For the whole episode of acne, the tiny glands beneath your skin are mainly responsible. These glands are called sebaceous glands. They are very near to the surface of your skin and are attached to small holes in the skin, known as hair follicles. Hair shoots ou... more info

Is There Any Relation Between Diet And Acne

A large variety of opinions exist on this topic. Available evidences are also not so convincing. It is acommon opinion that greasy foods and chocolate can worsen the condition caused by acne. However, dermatologists feel that this is only a myth. For both opinions there is little evidence. Some physicians strongly believe that intake of dairy pro... more info

Factors Or Lifestyle Leading To Acne

At one point or the other in the lifetime, acne affects almost every one of us. Acne appears as spots on the skin. It usually occurs on the face, chest or back. Mild, moderate or even severe symptoms can associate acne. It is believed that changes in hormones cause acne. However, acne is a chronic condition. It is common that acne occurs during p... more info