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Benefits of Bath Salts

  Most of us are aware of the importance of a balanced diet, so far as it pertains to vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. We are often at a loss when it comes to imbalances caused by insufficient minerals in our diet. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are essential for the wellbeing of the body. Lack of any one of these m... more info

Are Body Washes Better than Bar Soaps

In the recent years, there is a big question/debate on whether to use Bar Soap or Body Wash for cleansing your body. Though the majority of the world population prefers bar soaps over body wash, the world is still witnessing the glimpses of body washes in the modern world.   Body Wash Vs Bar Soaps 1.    In general bar s... more info

Body Oil Best for Massage

  For body massage body oil is the best choice. Some of the body oils are available in health stores and some of them are available at spa shops and in skin care as well. If we analyze the features of the body oils we can effectively come to the conclusion that body oils are the best for massaging.   1. Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet Alm... more info

Pamper yourself with Bubble Bath Soaps

Bubble baths have been popular for a long time now. Many princesses and queens would indulge in bubble baths to reduce stress or to keep anxiety at bay. Bubble bath soaps are those soaps that hold the ability to create bubbles in a bath tub. It is undoubtedly relaxing and allows a large number of people to unwind after a long day at work. Today, ... more info

Aromatic Bath Products

Homemade bath products are extremely easy to make and can be used as economical gifts. Nobody can deny that they feel the need to relax every once in a while and what better way to get rid of stress than with the help of a long bath. These bath products are not only easy to make but the ingredients are easily available as well. You will need ... more info

Which Soap Is Best For My Skin

Soap is one of the best cleansers and the oldest as well. It is formed when a chemical reaction takes place between different oils, lye and water. This chemical reaction is called saponification. Even though lye is an active ingredient that is used to make soaps, there are no residues left over after the chemical process is over. Contrary to popu... more info