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Different Methods Of Birth Control

Birth control falls under the family planning topic for couples. There are various views about birth control when it is viewed from the religious and cultural angles. There are different methods that are used by couples as each has its own significant characteristics:    First, a listing of the methods will be provided so that it ca... more info

Harmful Effects Of Birth Control pills

Most of the women use ‘birth control pills’ in order to prevent the unwanted pregnancies. But these pills are the safe choice for the birth control and this may also cause some side effects which are harmful indeed.   Some of the harmful and serious effects of ‘birth control pills’ are:   1.   S... more info

Best And The Safest Birth control Methods

There are various types of birth control methods that have been in vogue. Some methods that are used are surgical methods while the others are non-surgical methods. The choice of a particular method depends upon the choice of the couple based on the advice provided by a doctor. Some methods rely upon the changes that happen in the body of a femal... more info

Male Birth Control Pill

Now scientists have come close to revealing a male birth control pill or oral contraceptive that can retain your sex drive intact but prevention of pregnancy is guaranteed.  In the foreseeable future we can expect to witness the birth of the first continuous, reversible male contraceptive pill.  The long due breakthrough can create a wi... more info

Common Birth Control Side Effects

side effects of birth control pillsWith the emergence of birth control pills, women have the ability to plan their lives and careers accordingly. The efficiency of the birth contraceptives is around ninety nine percent. The birth control pills are quite effective but still many people are wary of using them because of its side effects. Oral contr... more info