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What Are The Reasons Behind Pain In Left Arm

The reasons behind pain in the left arm are many ; starting from sprained muscles (as a result of excessive workouts , pressure or stretching of the arm muscles ) , pinched neck nerves (many times pain in the neck or a pinched nerve there can lead to pain in the upper left arm) , bicipital tendonitis (which is caused because of tearing ... more info

Reasons Behind Pain In The Breast

Pain in the breast is one of the most common problems faced by women these days. It can be caused because of a variety of reasons such as hormonal changes, breast injuries, continuous use of oral contraceptives, cancer, sudden weight gain or therapies related to hormone replacement. It has been found that in the near future almost 70 % of... more info

What Does Shoulder Pain Indicate

Shoulder pain may occur for many reasons. It is crucial that the correct cause is detected and effectively treated. Pain in the shoulders usually indicate one or more of the following conditions Probably the most common indication of shoulder pain is dislocation of the shoulder when the scapula is torn apart from the upper regi... more info

How To Treat Abdominal Cramps

A cramp can be defined as a painful muscle pull that can be caused due to a number of reasons, such as over usage of the particular muscle, lack of oxygen, lack of water in the body or salt deficiencies. Cramps are a very common medical problem that can happen on a day to day basis also. For example, if you’re a regular swimmer, getting an ... more info

Pain Behind Neck And Below Head

The upper back and the lower region of the neck support our head. The joints (three in number) in the top of the neck allow almost all the movement of the neck and the head. The upper joints of the back and the lower joints of the neck create the support system for the head.  There are several reasons why a person feels a pain in... more info

What Are The Reasons Behind Pain In Right Arm

The reasons behind pain in the right arm are numerous like bad posture ( leading to stress in the muscles) , injuries in the arm or the shoulder or the near by areas, pinching of neck nerves , herniated disc , cervical radiculitis (that causes pain and numbness ) , strokes ( leads to pain and numbness in the right arm) , damage or ... more info

Reasons Behind Pain In Left Abdomen

Reasons behind pain in the left abdomen are numerous and the list of diseases along with the fraction of the population who have to suffer this pain is increasing day by day because of the huge inclination towards junk food items these days. Pain in the left part of the abdomen is more common in women and adolescents than in men and older aged p... more info