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Slim Down With Body Wraps

Originally a ‘body wrap’ was used for treatment where plastic wrap or Ace bandages was wrapped tightly around the body for causing ‘quick weight loss’ through ‘vasodilation’. Now a body wrap is used for treatment where in you’re slathered using a body mask made from seaweed, clay, cream, mud, lotion or alga... more info

Body Numbness

Body Numbness is characterised by lack of sensation in the extremities of the body namely the fingers, toes, hands, feet, palms and forearms. Prolonged standing or sitting is found to be a major cause of body numbness and therefore should be avoided. Causes of Body Numbness The most common cause of body numbness is sitting or standing in the same ... more info

Body Lift

A body lift is a technique to tighten sagging skin and to give the appearance of a youthful and firm body. With the quest for perfection reaching absurd limits in this modern world, it is no surprise that each person aspires to have the perfect face and body.  The success rates have encouraged more and more people to opt for body lift procedur... more info

Body Pillow

During the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night, our body relaxes, recoups and repairs the wear and tear of the earlier day. As anybody who has suffered a restless night on a lumpy bed or has a stiff neck after using a rock hard pillow will attest, a firm, comfortable bed and pillow go a long way in ensuring restful sleep. Once we get our 8 hou... more info

Body Wrap

Body wraps have been in use for many centuries as a way to improve circulation and get rid of excess water weight from the body.  However body wraps can help you lose weight only if used in combination with a healthy and strict diet and exercise program. A body wrap was originally devised as a means to melt cellulite near the surface of skin f... more info

Body Shaper

Body shapers are worn inside the garment. The purpose is to shape and bind the body by tightening the overall shape. With the quest for the perfect body reaching endemic proportions, exercise and diet have become a way of life. Where sustained exercise and diet do not bring the desired results, cosmetic surgeons step in to cut and bind and give att... more info

Body Type Calculator

The type of body a person has goes a long way in defining the person’s ideal weight, suitable exercise regimen and even the type of clothes he or she would look best in. The concept of an ideal body changes from culture to culture and also as per the time period.   The body shape depends upon the skeletal frame as also how fat is distrib... more info