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How To Prevent Boils Turning Into Abscess

Boils develop when the hair follicle is infected by staph bacteria. Boils are deeper when compared to pustules. An abscess is a larger lesion containing pus in full. To prevent a boil turning into an abscess, the boil should be covered with dry dressing and allowed to be in that condition for a few days, so that chances are more fo... more info

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Staph Infection

There are various types of Staphylococcus, but most of the infections are caused by Staphylococcus aureus or the S. aureus. These bacteria usually harbor in the armpits, buttocks and inside the nose of humans. The infections caused by S. aureus come under two categories, viz. skin infections and invasive infections.   Some com... more info

What Causes Boils To Be Formed

Hair on the human body shoots out from a small sac in the skin. This sac is known as hair follicle. When the hair follicle is infected, it causes a boil. The boil usually appears red in color and is painful. As in the case of any infection, this is also fought by white cells at the hair follicle, resulting in pus formation.&nb... more info

Treatment For Boils

In most of the cases boils do not require treatment. The boils fade off automatically within a span of one week, or maximum two weeks. Only when you have developed complications you need to be treated with antibiotics. For example, if the infection has spread into the deep layer of the skin, called subcutaneous, then you should tak... more info