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Chilblains Causes And Symptoms

Chilblains (also called pernio/perniosis) are a condition in which the skin of the toes is inflamed as it reacts to chill weather. While it is commonly observed on the toes, it may occur over parts of the face or even the fingers. If it occurs, the affected person will experience itching and also a burning sensation. The skin will appear red or dar... more info

Home Remedies To Prevent Chilblains

During cold climatic conditions, it is very important to prevent feet and hands from becoming too cold. This is because, due to the coldness, the blood vessels of the skin tend to constrict and as it is common for people to keep the feet close to a hot area to feel warm. As the feet have already been exposed to the cold and now as it is heated up... more info

Preventive Measures For Chilblains

As Chilblains can be painful and can make feet and other areas susceptible to infection, it is better to keep a preventive plan in mind. This is especially essential for those who are living in regions that are known for humid climates. First of all, you should be aware about such a condition and then think about the various preventive measures tha... more info