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Why Am I Always Hungry

Many people feel hungry all the time. They feel so I spite of just having a good meal. Why does this happen? There are several reasons.    1.   Weight watchers sometimes tend to skip breakfast or lunch in order to cut down calories. After a busy day, skipping meals will make you want to wolf down dinner... more info

How To Avoid Overeating

Several individuals take in large amount of food because they have lost touch with their bodies. Slimming is not a difficult task especially when one reconnects his or her mind and the body as well. Overeating is an easy task and when one decides not to do it, then he or she can count him or herself the lucky one. According to the health research... more info

Who is Bulimic

Guilt over in ones behavior and a feeling of loss of control over their appetite are the major characteristics of bulimia. Generally, the bulimic individuals have knowledge about their abnormal behavior. This is very common among the young women and adolescent stage individuals. These individuals are usually of normal weight completely contrary t... more info

What is Bulimia Nervosa Disorder

Bulimia is a disease that makes a person battles between his desire to stay thin and his overwhelming desire or compulsion to eat. Basically, one has to fight his binge eating habit in order to lose weight and this makes life very uncomfortable. No one like to gain weight due to compulsive eating, but a person suffering from bulimia nervosa disorde... more info

Sensa Sprinkler to Stop Overeating

Weight loss has been the topic of many researchers worldwide. The whys and wherefores of why we overeat, how do we control overeating and how do we step up our body metabolism to burn off the fat in what we eat has been the subject of speculation worldwide. As it happens with all new items or drugs, Sensa, the sprinkler diet has suddenly claimed a ... more info

Stomach Ulcer Diet

Stomach ulcer is normally a disorder related to wrong eating habits. It can be cured with simple dietary and lifestyle changes.   The diet for stomach ulcer is mainly aimed at decreasing the gastric irritation and the excessive gastric acid secretion. This may also help prevent uncomfortable side effects such as heartburn etc. Many peopl... more info

Causes Of Overeating

Usually the cause of overeating is excessive hunger. Overeating can also arise even when there is no increase in hunger. There are certain medical conditions that can cause overeating. The common causes of overeating include boredom, habitual overeating, quitting smoking and comfort overeating. People often tend to eat somethi... more info