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Staying Fit While in Office

The present work day culture has changed from a 9 to 5 to a 24/7 one. Offices work round the clock and the sleeping-waking cycle of office goers is dependent on their work shift. Modern means of communication have ensured that even after leaving office, we are on call through the day. It is common for a white collar worker to be glued to the phon... more info

Do You Find Excuses For Not Exercising

  Most of the individuals do not take their time out to exercise, not knowing that it is very important and healthy. This is so because several people from almost all parts of the world suffer from obesity or overweight especially adults. This shows that people are not concerned with exercising and have many reasons that they ... more info

Are You Too Busy To Exercise

All like to have a tailored body. But everyone will not get what they want. Exercises are the good way to loose weight and get a good body. The people who go to work from morning and come back in the evening complain that they do not have time for work outs. Where there is a will there is surely a way. Try to keep some time for yourself. After a... more info

Can You Reverse Years Of Neglect On Health

It takes time for people who have spent many years away from fitness exercises to finally reverse this trend. It takes more than just efforts in the gym in order to reverse this situation. For instance, one has to plan on how he is going to deal with this seemingly impossible task.   Start off Gradually With Simple Jogging  ... more info

How Much Exercise Is Enough for Us

  While an hour a day of exercise might be just the thing for us, it is entirely ridiculous to expect us all to change our fundamental natures just because a top scientific panel, following high-quality investigational methodologies, blindly suggests we should. To be useful, expert recommendations on a healthy lifestyle must remain with... more info

Stay Fit at Home With Home Based Work Out Routines

It is a popular myth that a Stay-At-Home member of the family cannot get as much exercise that an outdoor person normally has. In fact, with the responsibilities of the household, they cannot even find time to take care of themselves. It is far from the truth. These days there are numerous ways that can help you to be fit at home by some simple w... more info

How To Achieve Flat Stomach With Exercises

If you are dying to get rid of your belly fat, and get the flat stomach look, then it should be quite pleasing for you to know that this can be achieved quite easily! Getting a flat stomach isn’t actually rocket science, so a bit of exercises and diet control is all you need to fulfill your dreams. It must be kept in mind that both exercise... more info