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Is Kajal good for eyes

Kajal if made and stored hygenically is effective for eyes otherwise any kind of contamination can ruin your eyes and can have adverse effects.

  Kajal or Kohl, is a cosmetic used all over Asia, Africa and Arabia since ancient times to accentuate the eyes. It is believed that Queen Cleopatra painted her eyes with Kohl before sailing down the Nile to meet Julius Caesar. Kohl is known by different names in different cultures and has been acknowledged as very effective in adding to t... more info

Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes

Most people have puffy eyes either due to stress, smoking, aging or drinking. However, they mustn’t worry as it is not difficult to get rid of these puffy eyes. A number of skincare products in the market today claim to make ‘miraculous’ things happen if you use them for about 2 weeks. Most of these creams cost a fortune and har... more info

How To Do Away With Tired Eyes

'Tired eyes' is one of the problems frequently occurring in the present-day world. It affects those who cannot sleep well at times, happens to the best of us. The best way, of course, on how to get away with tired eyes is to get a good night’s sleep. But if that’s not really possible then there are some way which you can solve... more info

What is Latisse

Latisse is a medical treatment to enhance the length and thickness of eyelashes. It is a safe solution that will give you the dramatic eyelashes you always dreamed of without irritating false eyelashes, annoying lash extensions or pricey mascara. Latisse was used as a treatment for glaucoma. During the treatment, glaucoma patients discovered their ... more info