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All You Want To Know About Eyebrow Lift

In Clinical and medical terms it is also known as a “forehead lift”, a brow lift is intended to minimize the creases and linings that usually develop across the forehead or near the top of the eyes, or those that occurs bit high on the nose bridge near the fore head; improves what are commonly and medically referred to as “frown l... more info

Options For Eyebrow Threading

When an individual is interested in thinning their eyebrow, they tend to rely more on tweezers as compared to threading. Hot wax may also be used as this removed unwanted hair from the roots. On the other hand, eyebrow threading can allow the individual to have perfectly shaped eyebrows. The method involves the use of thread that is moved over... more info

Eyebrow Hair Waxing

Eyebrow waxing is preferred over tweezing for the purpose of hair removal and to change the shape of the eyebrow. However, the method of application of the wax is extremely important and the type of wax must be chosen carefully and with extreme prudence. The different types of eyebrow wax Hot Wax-Using hot wax for the purpose of eyebrow threading i... more info

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Surgery

Ideally, eyebrow transplants are opted for by those who suffer from some disease or the other. Those who suffer from trauma are usually considered for eyebrow transplants. A large number of people who have low thyroid levels or are anaemic tend to opt for eyebrow transplants as the medication that one takes for the purpose of correcting these condi... more info

Eye Makeup for Close Set Eyes

Make up offers great potential to make the most of what Mother Nature has given us.Correct make up enhances good features and camouflages flaws. Eye makes up calls for skilful use of colors to accentuate the eye shape and color. Attention to the eye brows and eye lashes provides a perfect frame for a pair of sparkling eyes. What are close set ey... more info

Eye Makeup for Big Eyes

Big gorgeous eyes are easy to make up. Just a few strokes of eye shadow and a few strokes of eye liner are all it takes it transform ordinary eyes into a pair of beautiful eyes. Big eyes do not need correction. All that is required is accentuation of the color and contours of the eyes. Make up tips for big eyes: The make up kit should ... more info

Shaping Eyebrows

Perfect eye brows take very little time to shape and call for little time and effort to maintain. Perfectly maintained eye brows pay off large dividends by providing perfect frames to the eyes.   While eye brows often do not call attention to themselves like the eyes or the lips, there is no denying the fact bushy and unkempt eye brows a... more info