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What Does Eye Contact And Movement Say

Eye contact and movement is a very important part of non verbal communication. Different types of eye contact and movements have different meanings and interpretations which sometimes differ from culture to culture. In some countries children are taught not to make eye contacts very often especially with the elders as it’s a sign of rudeness ... more info

How To Do Face Reading

Face reading is a new technique which allows us to speculate, accurately at time, the personality of a person. This is generally spotted by the width and the height of the head or the neck of a person. A person who has a developed back head is said to be emotional and also socially and family orientated. This trait decreases with the narrowness.... more info

Do You Like Public Display Of Affection

PDA or public display of affection is among some of the most debatable topics between the old generation and the present generation. It will be wrong to completely reject this idea or absolutely ban it, but there is definitely a limit which has to be set in order to avoid obscenity and vulgarity. Further more, public display of affection also inclu... more info

How To Make People Like You

In today’s world of refined social etiquette, how to make people like you is a question faced by many. Human social interaction is about giving, not taking, and surely not showing off. To learn how to make people like you, you need to appreciate certain home truths.      How to Make People Like You Tip 1: Roundabout... more info

Are Facial Display Of Emotions Important

With the help of our facial muscles we can display a variety of emotions like anger , confusion, happiness , sadness , surprise , frustration , fear ,desire ,contempt , glare ,excitement etc. Facial display of emotions help in communicating ones mood to other individuals. A frown can mean confusion or discontent; a pout can mean that one is not hap... more info