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Extreme and Embarrassing Flatulence

In this article, we will talk about the gas discharge through rectum, which is commonly known as 'flatulence' a normal person 'passes wind' up to twenty times a day, so anything above this amount is considered 'excessive flatulence' and suggests that there may be some digestive problems. The main cause of the Extreme and embarrassing flatulence is... more info

What Causes Flatulence

Flatulence can certainly be very embarrassing as it is the excess gas in the stomach or intestines. Although flatulence is not a life threatening disorder it can affect your social and professional life. Flatulence is a mixture of five gases predominantly such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane.   The reason for fl... more info

What is Chronic Flatulence

First of all, we have to define what flatulence is and to what it is related. This problem is usually related to a diet or pathology; it means discharging air that is in excess in your body. This gas that is in excess is the result of problems in the digestive system. What are the causes of Flatulence? Foods like kidney beans, artichokes and in g... more info

Home Remedies for Chronic Flatulence

  Flatulence means 'passing wind' and it happens as a result of excess accumulation of gas in the stomach and intestine which is the by-product of indigestion. It is normal to pass out gas daily for ten times but after that it becomes a troublesome problem that needs a physicians help.   Causes of Flatulence   Und... more info

Yeast Beans Malodorous Causing Flatulence

Everything we eat has some good points, but it also carries some side-effects. Like, we are always told by our elders to have vegetables in good quantity as they are rich in fiber and are easily digestible, but some vegetables are not easily digestible and finally form gas in our body. Some of them are: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and many more.... more info

Bloated Stomach and Flatulence

Sometimes we feel that our stomach is full and tight even though we have not eaten much. This is called feeling of bloated stomach. This problem affects our stomach as well as our intestinal portion. It's a very common problem, but mostly people either ignore it or mistake it with any other problem. In fact, according to general survey bloated stom... more info

How to Stop Flatulence

What is flatulence?   It is the natural process by which your body discharges the excess of air. Usually, a person 'passes wind' around 10 to 20 times a day. And anything that is above 20, it is considered excessive flatulence.   But what can cause flatulence?    One cause is swallowing air, by eating fas... more info