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How to Start Your Day

  As said, “Beginning of everything in bitter”, so are the initial half an hour during early morning. For maximum of us, getting up early in the morning is really the toughest task in the world but one who manages to pick up the routine wins the race. You have two options to wake you up in the morning.   Options for Yo... more info

Does Your Skin Benefit From 8 Glasses of Water a Day

  It has been drummed into our heads often that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is essential for good health. Our bodies are made up of 80 % water and it is essential to replenish the amount of water in the body to help the body’s circulatory and excretory functions.   Importance of Water to Good Health     ... more info

Foods To Keep Your Heart Healthy And Strong

  The main threat to the health of heart is from cholesterol. The cholesterol is gained by the body through foods. There are good and bad cholesterols. Therefore, your heart can become free from many ailments if you eat foods containing more of good cholesterol and less of bad cholesterol. You can start this habit ... more info

Is It Safe To Drink Soda Water

  Consumption of soda has gone up significantly around the world. Most of the people drink soda for quenching thirst. In their mind, soda is a substitute for water. This makes them drink soda as frequently as needed. Everything has its own limit. Drinking soda is not an exception to it. In general, no processe... more info

Why Chewing Food Properly Is Necessary

  Chewing the food properly is very necessary for digestion. Our mouth waters when we see or smell the aroma of food items. This natural reaction in our mouth has sound reasons. The water secreted in the mouth is called saliva, and this helps digestion largely. Eating means not swallowing foods like some animals.&n... more info

Is Eating Fish Good For Our Health

Eating fish provides several health benefits. Fish is rich in nutrients. Fish contains protein and fats. This fat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is healthier than meat. The unsaturated fat contained in fish is curative. Our body needs six basic groups of nutrients for its health and proper functioning. They are water, protein, fats, carbohy... more info

How To Eat Slowly To Eat Less

You may have a terrible hunger and start the next bite before the previous one has gone into your stomach. This way of eating may satiate your appetite quickly as you are eating more, but it is not going to give good results. Hasty eating or fast eating can result in indigestion mostly. It may cause gastric problems in your stomach... more info