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Experience Purity With Organic Green Tea

These days fruits and vegetables which are organic have become quite popular. And this trend has caught on with green tea as well. So we can see the presence of organic green tea in the markets today. But many of us cannot different between an organic green tea and its non organic counterpart. One easy way to discriminate among them is the price.... more info

Japanese Green Tea-A Taste Of Health

The seeds of Japanese green tea were brought in from China. In China the seeds of this type of tea were grown. This incident transpired during the ninth century. Some monks who belonged to Japan were studying in China. From there they gathered a lot of information on the Chinese culture and got to know about green tea. These monks brought back fe... more info

Let The Healing Begin With Herbal Green Tea

  Herbal green tea is the best way to accentuate the quantity of antioxidants in the body. Chinese were the first to cherish the amazing flavor of herbal green tea. The title of the world’s most preferred drink definitely is given to herbal green tea. This tea is preferred for the health benefits provided by it. Herbal green tea is n... more info

Cherish Chinese Green Tea

The Chinese green tea as the name suggests was originated in China. Various researches has been conducted on the Chinese green tea and it was found that a substance called catechin which is found in teas which induces weight loss, was quantitatively more in Chinese green tea when compared to the other varieties of tea. Catechin aids in increasing... more info

Get The Real Taste With Loose Leaf Green Tea

Green tea has become a favorite beverage for many of us. And the most common way to brew a cup of green tea is through dipping a tea bag into a cup of hot water. This is how more than seventy percent of the green tea drinkers, brew their tea. This method of brewing is chosen because it consumes less time and many people do not have sufficient kno... more info

Does Green Tea Have Positive Effect On Fertility

Green tea has polyphenols and hypoxanthine as primary ingredients; due to this, there are better chances of better quality embryos. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants (known as polyphenols) and this can help in protecting the cells from damage resulting from oxidation. But polyphenols can mix with other medications that you have been prescrib... more info

Green Tea And Weightloss Is Not A Myth

There are many people who are putting in a lot of effort to lose weight. But how many of them can actually be successful in their endeavors? Very few people have the time and energy to invest for a weight loss program. And the rest of the lot sulks due to their weight issues. Sulking is easy but finding a proper solution is difficult. A lot of di... more info