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Hair Nourishing Serum

  Hair Nourishing Serum is the best hair repair serum for dry hair. It is said to be as perfect for all hair types and textures as it is extremely light. The nourishing serum also carries the vitamins into the cortex of your hair, strengthening and restoring it. It is really a must for all textures of dry hair. As said, it is extremely lig... more info

Hair Colour Side Effects

    Hair colour is used to cover greying hair. Often dyeing the hair colour in a shade other than the natural hair colour lends a different look to the person. People go through stages of colouring their hair blonde, dark or red, and look different with each change in hair colour.   Highlights and streaks are added on to ha... more info

Hair Color during Pregnancy

  Pregnancy is a time when incredible changes happen to the mother’s body as the baby begins to grow. You might find that your hair undergoes  some changes, thanks to all those extra pregnancy hormones. However, the general question among the ladies “is it still safe to carry on colouring your hair when you’re p... more info

Hair Color with Mehendi

  The Modern world is filled with numerous advertisements related to hair products. However, are they all really safe as they proclaim to be? If you are really doubtful about using hair products or the commercial hair dyes the best and only option to go for is the natural henna (Mehendi), one of the wonderful gifts by Nature.  It is a... more info

How do Dandruff Shampoos Work

Dandruff is an embarrassing condition, since dandruff flakes off on clothes and is unsightly. Dandruff is a condition of the scalp wherein the skin flakes off in patches. This condition could be a cosmetic one due to temporary dryness of the scalp. Often an underlying health condition like a Vitamin deficiency or allergic condition may cause this... more info

Hair mask & Hair Rinse Recipes

Hair loss is quiet common across the world as it affects several million men and women each year. Though there are expensive solutions, they may not be effective. Hence, people follow some home remedies such as a hair mask made from all natural ingredients that can help strengthen the hair and potentially stop any further hair loss. The ingredien... more info

Gray Hair Shampoo

Graying hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you are growing old, and need to use products meant for old people. The graying of hair is attributed to the fact that a special hair pigment stops growing. Therefore gray hairs need special treatment and therefore, using just any shampoo for your gray hair would not suffice. So, how should one look ... more info