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I Piece Clip In Hair Extension

Hair Extensions are becoming very common. More and more women are going for hair extension. The one a piece clip hair extension is a one single piece of hair extension.  The extension attachment is hidden in your scalp and cannot be made out. The hair extension you use can be straight, curled, colored or perm. The extension will add fullness... more info

Hair Color Highlights

Highlighting hair helps lighten your hair color and also changes the way you look.  This makes it important that you choose just the right type of highlighting so that you can accentuate the shape and features of your face.  The right shade of highlighting makes you look better while a wrong choice in the highlighting color can make you r... more info

Know all About Hair Highlights

Highlighting your hair is an easy way to change your look. It makes the hair look prettier and if done professionally, adds volume to the hair as well. However, contrary to popular belief, it differs from hair coloring. When one opts for hair coloring, the color of their entire hair changes. On the other hand, hair highlighting colors only de... more info

How To Choose The Right Hair Color Dye

When choosing the right hair color, first of all, you need to look at the color of your eyes. This is the great tip that one has to consider putting in mind that when the eye color is green one does not have to go for the color green; there are other underlying colors that one can use from any natural eye color. If one has dark eyes, it doesn&rsquo... more info

How to Wear A Snood

Snoods are popular head gear or hair accessory. They can be worn on any occasion and they are most suitable for formal occasions like wedding, formal diner parties and so on. Snoods are typically a type of hair net made of large loose bags that covered most of the hair. It the early times snood was made from fillet-knotted lace. They were used to e... more info