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Actress Without Makeup in India

Beauty! Really it is something that arrests every human eye. Some people say beauty lies in beholder’s eye. Do you think it is true? Whatever it may be, it is difficult to find people who don’t admire it. Some studies reveal the fact that first impression that lasts is actually shaped in just a time of 10 seconds! Don’t you get ... more info

The Right Way To Do Long Lasting Eye Makeup

Eyes are considered to be the most beautiful and attractive part of the face. Women crave to have perfect eyes, as the correct pair of eyes seems to make a woman beautiful all by itself. Therefore, one needs to have a proper makeup for eyes, which would last for a long time too. Eye makeup often depends upon the purpose of the makeup. Different p... more info

How to Apply Makeup On Large Pores

Large pores are a huge matter of concern for all women, irrespective of the age. Especially, women with oily skin type need to find a makeup primer for large pores. Large pores can be prevented by following some methods. However, one cannot have a permanent solution to make large pores go smaller, but there are some ways and makeup by which la... more info

The Perfect Makeup For Prom Night

The prom night happens to be the most important event in the life of a high school going teenager. Girls usually dream and plan about the event for months before the night with the desire of being the best-looking girl around! However, while most of the effort and planning is concentrated on the dress that they would be wearing, one must realize ... more info

Prom Night Eye Make up

   Prom night is a once in a lifetime occasion. Tasteful choice of dress, shoes, accessories and make up can help in achieving a glamorous style statement.  The best way to look elegant and beautiful in your prom pictures is to keep you makeup simple.   There are a number of looks for prom night – elegant, bold, s... more info

Makeup for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes occur across Caucasian and Scandinavian ethnic groups and also in some parts of Asia. Paired with blonde, red and dark hair, blue eyes are found in a variety of shades ranging from lightest blue to almost black, midnight blue. Correct selection of eyeliner and eye shadow is the key to accentuate the beauty of blue eyes. T... more info

Eye Makeup Ideas

We communicate with our eyes and a pair of sparkling eyes is a sign of beauty in every culture. For those of us who do not have perfect eyes, cosmetics offer us many other ways to highlight the best features. With correct eye make up, a single glance can speak a million words!   A variety of different looks can be created by varying the... more info