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What Is Metabolism

When we talk of health several things come across one’s mind since all that takes place in the body determines an individual’s health. Metabolism is one of the activities that take place in human being’s body. It involves the chemical reactions that occur in the body cells to form energy in different forms. Chemical reactions ta... more info

How To Increase Your Metabolism

Increasing metabolism is not an easy task as it may seem because it requires that excess calories be burnt down to enable the energy to be utilized in a high rate. The individuals who would like to loose weight should try this method. The metabolism rate can be increased by building strong muscles in the body because the lean muscles assist individ... more info

Foods To Increase Your Metabolism

  Metabolism is the ability of our bodies to burn the calories that we get from our body. All of us have this quest to increase our metabolic rates so that we can eat more, burn off more calories and hence not gain unsightly fat. Well, there are certain foods that increase our metabolic rates. These foods do have the capabilities to help y... more info

How To Calculate Basal Metabolic Rate BMI

The body mass index (BMI) is a statistical measurement which compares a person’s weight height. However it does not measure the a person’s body fat but its helpful in determining the actual weight depending on the height of the person. It is a great tool to find out whether individuals are underweight, overweight or obese.  The BMI... more info

Know How Metabolism Comes In Way Of Weight Loss

Many individuals know that metabolism can burn calories and that it is linked to one’s weight but can you explain how it happens? The most important thing to know is how metabolism can burn calories, how it can affect an individual’s weight and the steps that can be used to burn the excess calories to loose weight. Some people think tha... more info