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Side Effects of Planned Parenthood Abortions

By the time women complete five decades of their life, at least one out of every three of them would have had an abortion. The procedure has become extremely common, given today’s stressful life and parenthood limitations. There are two kinds of abortions. One involved taking the abortion pill while the other is a clinical procedure... more info

Cost of Abortion

The right to legal abortion was established by the Supreme Court in 1973. Prior to this, women, desperate to terminate unwanted pregnancies, resorted to several illegal methods of abortion. So many times the consequences were severe complications, compelling them to spend time in hospital receiving prolonged and expensive treatment.  When abor... more info

Precautions to be Taken after Miscarriage Abortion

In spite of the fact that pregnancy is a very beautiful and happiest moment that a woman ever goes through in her life, still physical and mental trauma occurs when pregnancy ends in a miscarriage thereby transforming the entire experience into an awful memory. The deprivation of a child is a demoralizing thing that a woman can undergo in her lif... more info

When will Periods Commence after Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, a woman’s body returns to the normal state it was before pregnancy in a few weeks time. HCG levels start rising during ensuing months of pregnancy. After a miscarriage doctors monitor the levels in order to keep it at 5.0.  While for some, periods may begin a good 45 days after the miscarriage, usually for ... more info

When Should One Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

As such there is no definite formula that tells you the exact time you can plan a pregnancy after a miscarriage. Most doctors advise their patients to put off the pregnancy for a month or two in order to decrease the risk factor for complications arising from it.   Many of the internal organs are put through great strain and stress d... more info

Do Abortions Have Side Effects

With the passage of time and revolutionary improvements in the methods of terminating pregnancy, abortion has become a much safer option than it was decades ago. However, abortion is a procedure going against the nature of things. It must therefore be opted for with careful thought to the well being of the woman. There is a high poss... more info

How Safe is Abortion Pill

An abortion pill is an alternative to clinical abortion, taken to terminate an early pregnancy. It is generally considered safe and is available in any Planned Parenthood Center (PPC). The cost of the pill varies fro $350 to $650.  How it works The woman takes RU486 at the PPC After 48 hours she will have to take a medication called... more info