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Konad Nail Art Reviews

Nails are one of the beautiful organs in the body. Nail in the hands are especially cared by the women since it add perfection to the fingers and add real beauty to the tip of fingers. Women love to bring the surprise to the nails and are the reason why several nail caring and beauty products on the market. If you are looking for the best designs... more info

Preventing Nails from Chipping

Hands are the most exposed parts of the body next to the face. Nothing spoils the look of manicured hands as much as chipped nails. Nail polishes are lacquers which are plastic based. Nail polish is formulated to dry on exposure to air but is not long lasting. Nail polish often wears off as we expose our hands to water in the course of our daily ... more info

Yellow Nails Their Causes and Treatment

Yellow nail is a condition in which the nail becomes thickened with yellow or yellowish green discoloration.  The yellow nails make the fingers appear ugly.  Unless addressed immediately, it may turn out to be a health concern in addition to being a cosmetic problem. It is difficult to hide yellow nails so it is necessary to find the c... more info

Removing Stains From Nails

Well maintained nails are a result of a good beauty regimen. Ragged or stained nails look ugly and should be treated as early as possible. Ragged nails should be clipped and filed immediately to prevent further damage. Stained nails are a bit more difficult to treat. Many different home treatments have been used for maintaining beautiful nails. M... more info

Treating Cracked Cuticles

Cuticles are the folds of skin at the base of the nail. These folds protect the nail bed but can be sources of bleeding, pain and infection, if neglected. Cuticles if cracked or damaged are painful but more importantly, may cause nail bed infections.   Causes for Cracked Cuticles   1. Cuticles are skin folds and require to be ke... more info

Basic Tips to Give Yourself a Manicure

Hands and nails are prominently visible organs and hence require good care so that you can project a clean and healthy look to the world. They need as much grooming as our face. A manicure once every fortnight is a must for well- maintained hands and nails.    Nail polish on nails should be removed and nails should be left free to b... more info

How to do Manicure at Home

A manicure is a procedure for taking care of the hands. It involves soaking the hands, exfoliating dead skin, clipping the cuticles, moisturising the hands and shaping and colouring nails. At a parlour, a manicure is an hour long procedure and costs almost as much as a basic facial. It is possible to treat oneself to a home manicure once or twice... more info