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Do Perfumes Cause itching

From very early age of time, man has been fond of sweet smell and pleasing aroma as they provide relaxation to the mind and relate one person to nature which is created by god. These sweet smells were the indication of purity and divinity. Predictably, in those times, these smells were obtained from the flowers and nature and were used in context... more info

The Right Way To Apply Perfumes

Perfume can be a wonderful additive in your everyday dress up routine. It helps ensure that you smell fresh and beautiful all day long. While you want the fragrance to linger on subtly all through the day, you don’t want to over do it so that everyone around you is gasping for fresh air! And at the same time, you don’t want it to be t... more info

Men’s Cologne

Recent research has it that in the professional world, a man’s perfume carries as much weight as his handshake, when it comes to making the first impression. A man’s scent should be distinctive and should provide immediate and pleasant recall. It is therefore wise for a well dressed man to invest in a good scent.   The market... more info

Do Perfumes Irritate Skin

Pleasing aroma and sweet smell is something that keeps man attracted towards it since early ages. It keeps your mind in a relaxed state and yourself close to the nature. Purity and divinity are the perfect words to describe such aroma. In early times, such fragrances were extracted by flowers and other such products and were mainly used to please... more info

Perfumes for Men

Perfumes have now become an indispensable accessory in every man’s wardrobe. A man is not fully dressed till he wears a perfume. Perfumes reflect a person’s style and personality. Just as a well dressed man varies his clothes to suit the occasion, so does he vary his perfume. There is a wide range of perfumes available on the market t... more info

Perfumes for Women

Perfumes have been an essential part of a lady’s beauty regimen since time immemorial. Perfumed oils and spice extracts have been used to adorn women since hundreds of years. The popularity of perfumes shows no sign of waning in modern times. There is a wide variety of perfumes available to suit every woman’s personality and reflect h... more info

Versace Vanitas Eau De Parfum

Versace has launched an iconic perfume in April 2011. This perfume is a harmonious blend of natural notes, evoking the scent of a garden in full bloom. This perfume has underlying notes of cedar, freesia, lime and tiare. It is the ideal spring /summer perfume. Priced at USD 45 for 30ml, this has been marketed as a luxury product targeted at the d... more info