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Dry Skin During Pregnancy

Being pregnant for a lady requires a lot of patience. The period of the complete 9 months of pregnancy often brings a huge number of troubles along with itself. The most common and usual type of trouble is the problem of dry skin and this dry skin also causes itching on the hands and the sole of the feet. The basic mechanism of the problem of the d... more info

Itching During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a woman’s dearest wish. Being able to create a new life from within her is like a miracle and it gives an inexplicable happiness to the lady. The main period of the pregnancy is of about 8-9 months and this major time period is accompanied with many changes in the woman both emotionally and physically. The whole process of t... more info

What Foods Should I Eat To keep My Baby Healthy

“What foods should I eat to keep my baby healthy?”This is the topmost question on many breastfeeding mothers’ minds. All nursing mothers are constantly posing the question” foods should I eat to keep my baby healthy?” to older and experienced mother, or even going to the internet and typing the question” What foo... more info

Eleventh Month Of Pregnancy

The size of the baby during the eleventh week of pregnancy is around one and half inches and it weighs a quarter of an ounce. The skin of the baby will begin to lose its transparency by the eleventh week of pregnancy. After the commencement of the eleventh week of pregnancy the baby will be able to open and close his fists. The fingers and toes get... more info

Fourth Week Of Pregnancy

It is generally during the fourth week of pregnancy that most of the women discover that they are pregnant primarily because they experience missed period which is one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy. In certain cases women tend to feel tired during the fourth week of pregnancy as the body experiences many changes in order to support th... more info

The First Two Weeks of Pregnancy

During the first two weeks of pregnancy most of the women are not even aware that they have conceived. At this phase very few women experience the symptoms of pregnancy. These two weeks is primarily dedicated for ovulation and then fertilization. At this time the body produces immense amount of estrogen and progesterone, so that the body is ready t... more info

Tummy Tucks After Pregnancy

It is life’s supreme joy to give birth to baby. But after that we return to normal life and feel the need to have our body as before. Sometimes, the extra fat and the skin below belly button remains as it is especially after giving birth to 2 or 3 babies. Even exercise, healthy diet and breast feeding helps to reduce the calories or the fat... more info