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Body Scrub Benefits

  Spa treatments designed to destress and rejuvenate always include a complete body scrub as a part of the package. A body scrub is just what the term means- a spa treatment wherein the entire body surface is scrubbed using a mild exfoliant to slough dead skin cells and to improve circulation promoting healthy skin that is youthful and glo... more info

How Much Should you Exfoliate or Scrub

The skin is a miraculous piece of engineering. It is the single largest organ in our body with the prime responsibility of protecting the body from the elements. It is an organ which contains tens of thousands of nerve endings, blood vessels, oil glands and sweat pores. The skin is exposed to the elements 24/7 and does a marvellous job of rejuven... more info

Body Scrubs

Our skin gets clogged with dead skin so to remove them we need to scrub our face atleast twice a week.Depending on skin type scrubbing varies.One can opt for kitchen ingredients as effective scrubs

Body scrub is a product which when applied on the body helps remove the dead layer and give you a bright supple skin.A Body scrubs us made up of oatmeal, sea salt, apricot in the form of gel almost the same consistency as a moisturizing lotion.   Benefits of Body Scrub?    Body scrub when applied on the body removes dead sk... more info

Tips To Lighten Underarm Skin

Dark underarm skin can be very embarrassing for women, especially while wearing sleeveless tops, dresses and other similar things. Since it causes discomfort, its best to try and get rid of it. But how is the question?   We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 tips to lighten underarm skin, so read on to know more about the dos and... more info

Facial Cleansers

People take face cleansers as an expensive method of cleaning their face. They feel facial cleansers are no big deal and it serves the purpose of the soap which is an inexpensive way to clean your face. But people don’t realize that soap being a good facial cleanser can lead to a dry skin. Therefore, people now should become aware of advantag... more info

Facial Peel

Facial peel is a chemical treatment, which is cosmetic and is performed by a dermatologist to reduce the visibility of age spots, freckles and other skin related problems. Facial peel can also reduce the young wrinkles which have started becoming visible on the face and will give new life to the skin. The commercial face peel can be purchased from... more info

Foot Care

If you need to judge a person in terms of his hygiene simply take a look at his feet. In fact the feet give you an overall picture of a person’s general cleanliness. In other words the cleanliness of the feet plays an important role in judging overall personality. Therefore consciously or unconsciously everyone wants to have fresh, healthy ... more info