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Should Being Pregnant Affect Your Sex Life

Should being pregnant affect your sex life this question in very important for those who are pregnant because the women who are pregnant are very much aware about the importance of sex to conceive or sex after delivery but no one really talks about sex during pregnancy as our culture usually it is considered that women are abandoned from sex during... more info

Supplements to Increase Sex Drive

 Male libido is linked to the levels of testosterone in the body and to good circulation. Underlying health problems like obesity, drug dependency affect hormone secretion and adversely affect circulation, both which lead to decrease in sex drive in men. To correct loss of libido, it is important to understand that overall good health leads to... more info

How to Look Sexy at 40

Who would not want to look smart, classy and sexy after 40? If you keep in mind that you haven’t gone over the hill and there is still life after 40, you are already half way towards achieving the cool ‘so-what-if-I am-40’ look! It’s all in the attitude.  If you feel young, wear the right type of trendy clothes and hav... more info

Natures Viagra Watermelon Juice

Watermelons don the role of a popular fruit during the summer season, as it is quite refreshing to devour them because of their high water content. But off late it has been found that watermelon can be beneficial for the sexual health as well. Natures Viagra watermelon juice is replete with citrulline which enhances the flow of blood to the vital o... more info


An epispadias is a congenital defect of the urinogenital tract. The abnormality occurs in 1 in 10000 live male births. The urethra opens on the upper surface of the male reproductive organ instead of at the tip. At some stage in foetal development of the pubic bone, tissue folds inward and forms the urethra. The opening for urine is located on the ... more info