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Symptoms Of Stress On Heart

  Stress, no doubt, has a negative effect on our overall health but the most common organ to be affected by stress is our heart. Both emotional as well as physical stress has a deleterious effect on the health of heart.   Types of Stress   Stress can be acute or chronic. Acute stress is of sudden onset and is only for a s... more info

How To Relieve Office Stress

  No doubt stress nourishes our hidden talent and helps us groom our capabilities but in excess it can greatly affect our efficiency. Stress can be of any thing. It can be work stress, salary stress or team stress. Excess stress is quite irritating and it can bring negative thoughts in the bearer’s mind that may even lead to increase... more info

What Is Thallium Stress Test

A lot of people face stuttering problem in their early childhood, the difference lies when some of them overcome the problem while with others the problem is glued till the rest of their life. Therefore, it is on the list of the frequently asked questions among parents- is there any stuttering treatment. In order to know about stuttering treatment ... more info

Seeking For Instant Stress Relief

We must have experienced times when we were in dire need of instant stress relief. Off late researchers have discovered many ways through which one can get rid of stress very quickly. These days experiencing stress have become inevitable so reducing its presence has become very important. If the stress is not reduced from our lives then over a pe... more info

How Does Stretching Relieve Stress

We often think that how does stretching helps in relieving stress? The answer lies in the fact that through stretching the tensed muscles in the body can relax and we can experience a calming effect throughout the body. If we have good knowledge about which particular muscle to stretch then we can get relief from stress very quickly, because we wil... more info

Are You Unemployed And Stressed Out

People who are unemployed and stressed out should find out ways through which they can get out of the situation and lead a peaceful life. The best way to tackle the stress is to determine the reason which is inducing stress in your life. There can be many reasons like you have the responsibility to take care of the family, near ones can put in a ... more info

What Causes Stress

All of us at certain phases of our lives have experienced stress. Once the symptoms for stress is determined by the affected person then he can easily find out ways through which stress can be erased from his life. There are many reasons because of which we experience stress. And all these reasons vary from person to person. The reason for your s... more info