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Pregnancy stretch marks cream

Well when it comes to stretch marks what do you think could be the most common reason? Yes, the universal answer, pregnancy. It is a great thought to bring a child into the world but it is not really nice to know that what remains on your body post pregnancy are stretch marks. Stretch marks are red or purple coloured marks on the skin which arise... more info

Reduce stretch marks

Who does not want to be beautiful? Beauty in the contemporary society is no more some special trait limited to beauty pageant winners. Beauty does not having the right make up to conceal any skin problem, beauty lies in having a skin which does not need to be concealed. When people state the cliché beauty is skin deep, they do not refer to... more info

Stretch marks lotion

Stretch marks come into being when the inner layer of the skin is stretched beyond the limits of endurance. Initially they are seen as red or purple lines on the surface of the skin and later they turn into silver or white lines. Usually these stretch marks are seen in women in the phases of post pregnancy. A few decades ago a stretch mark post p... more info

Stretch mark removal

General issues with people who have stretch marks, I was pregnant so I have these stretch marks, I gained weight very quickly, I lost weight fast, I train the gym etc. Stretch marks also occur even when teenagers strike puberty, quick hormonal changes. Stretch marks occur when the middle layer of the skin stretches beyond the usual capacity of th... more info

Cream for stretch marks

Let me break a few myths for you, stretch marks are caused due to skin dryness, superficial treatment such as chemical peeling will cure stretch marks permanently . Others include cream for stretch marks which have collagen have permanent cure for stretch marks. Yes, all these statements one hears every day are myths. Stretch marks are not caused b... more info

Prevent Stretch Marks

No body likes to see stretch marks on their body. Stretch might be a result of childbirth or even something constructive to the body like loosing extra weight or pumping up muscles in the gym. But, do you know that these constructive things have a side effect called stretch marks. As the name suggests, stretch marks are a consequence of making yo... more info

Stretch mark removal cream

A decade or so before stretch marks were considered to be a normal mark usually post pregnancy but in these contemporary times, marks are so not normal. Any mark regardless of the reason of the occurrence is perfectly removable. In the market you may come across numerous mark removal creams, some may remove dark spots on the skin, some may remove w... more info