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Foods that Protect our Skin from Sun Damage

Direct exposure to sun is harmful to the skin. It can give you the most painful sun burn. Dermatologists say that sun can damage the skin in many ways. According to them exposure to sunlight can cause not only sun burns but also brown spots, red scaly spots, drying and wrinkling etc. These UV rays cause the skin’s collagen to decline result... more info

Tips to Stay Fresh Throughout Summer

Staying fresh in summers is a challenging task for each one of us. But if you are ready to change some of your habits and life style it becomes an easy task to stay fresh whole day even in scorching heat. You have to take care of your diet, sleep, garments and personal hygiene and many more.   Some Easy Tips to Stay Fresh In Summers &n... more info

Get to Know Everything about Sunglasses

A sunglass is not just a fashion accessory but they play a major role during the summer providing comfort and health for your eyes. During summers, we give prime importance to protect our skin, hair and other organs but forget our eyes. Our eyes are equally important and should be protected well especially from the burning summer heat. Let’... more info

Beat the Summer Heat

There is no getaway from summer but you can cope up with it by changing your lifestyle. Even an effortless activity will cause sweating a lot as summer is the time when energy level is low. You can beat up summer with simple lifestyle changes.   Right Drinks for Summers   By taking appropriate cooling items you can get enough en... more info

How to select sunscreen for your skin type

There is an increasing amount of awareness about the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun on skin. Exposure to UV rays of the sun has been known to cause skin cancer. The colour of skin is determined by the amount of melanin in the skin. The higher the melanin content, darker is the skin but darker the skin, lesser is the harmful ef... more info

What to Expect In A Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotions are used to make the most out of ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is exactly opposite of what a normal sun block or sunscreen lotion does! However, tanning lotions, mostly indoor ones will not provide any protection from sun, especially if it is an indoor tanning lotion. They function by bringing a pigment compound called melanin t... more info

Are There Any Natural Sunscreens

While shopping for sunscreen products, most people always hover around with one question and that is whether there are any natural sunscreen products in the market. The curiosity is quite natural as most of the products pertaining to sunscreen contain chemicals which are not good for the health of the skin. People, who are aware of the harmful ef... more info