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How To Avoid Underarm Sweating

Underarm sweating is a problem faced by many, especially in adolescence. In hot and humid weather too it can be quite profuse. Excessive underarm sweating can cause rash, body odor etc. Underarm skin undergoes a lot of movement with friction, and hence is more susceptible to sweating and rash development. This is worsened by the presence of under... more info

How To Get Rid Of Body Odour

Body odor can become a major problem if not taken care of. The precursors of body odor i.e. sweat and dirt could also lead to skin problems if excess. Although it is essentially associated with hygiene, it may also be influenced by genetic build-up, diet etc. There are many myths about it too, and various solutions on how to get rid of body... more info

Do You Sweat A Lot

Some people sweat too much to the extent that this becomes a major problem for them. This is a condition that is often referred to as chronic sweating. This condition is a major problem to one percent of all human beings. This condition makes the sufferer very uncomfortable all the time. The key to getting a solution to this problem involves... more info