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Are Tattoos Safe for Skin

  One of the greatest worries that most people have when the initially for the first time for tattoos is - are tattoos safe? In addition to, what is my danger of catching a grave infection? The petite response is minimal. This is because of the industry measures that have been assumed, and the local and state rules that are being imposed n... more info

Safe Body Parts for Tattoo

As the fashion world is growing day by day, the trend makers are quite busy in finding innovative ideas to deliver the best for fashion lovers. Among the various trends the one that ranks the top most position in style and trend is the Tattoos. These are preferred by both males and females to change their entire look. It is true that many will b... more info

Tatoo Removal Options

Tattoo is a kind of modification done to the body by inserting ink into the skin. This leads to change in the pigment. Tattooing has been prevalent in many parts of the world from centuries. During earlier days tattooing was done for religious or cultural purposes. In the present times tattooing has become part of fashion and many people do it j... more info

Make A Style Statement With Tatoo Art

Tattoos are the smartest ways of making a style statement especially for young people. Unlike few years back, tattooing arena was not small, with ordinary patterns or lettering of names. When it comes to tattooing, now you can find plethora of designs that can be used for showing your uniqueness.     Customized Tattoos to Declare Yo... more info

Temporary Lip Tattoos by Violent Lips

Are you getting fed up with your daily wear lipsticks or with the range lip products floating around in the market? Then try the latest trend in the fashion stream temporary lip tattoos that can give you a unique and vivid look. Ordinary lipsticks in the market offers you vibrant colours with lot of textures like mat finish, with gloss and much m... more info