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Are Vitamin Supplements Necessary For Children

Children need to eat healthy as their growth, both physical and mental, is at a rapid rate as compared to adults. The food they eat should have all nutritional components like Vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, water and fiber in a balanced proportion.     Today there are so many “instant” meals and convenient ... more info

Are There Any Natural Vitamins

Natural Vitamins are there. But they are not available as separate entities in nature. They are found as food vitamin complexes, called co-factors. These may be enzymes, co-enzymes, essential fatty acids, other Vitamins and minerals and phyto-nutrients.   For instance, Phytonadione is a natural form of Vitamin K. Found abun... more info

Should Calcium Supplement Be Given To Children

Calcium is the building block of bones in a human body. Growing children need sufficient amount of calcium so that they may have strong bones, good teeth and healthy gums. The food children eat should be enriched with calcium. Depletion of calcium resource in the body, when young, may lead to problems like osteoporosis when the person is ... more info

Should We Take Vitamin D Supplements

A group of fat soluble prohormones, that help greatly in the absorption and use of calcium and magnesium in the body, is collectively called as Vitamin D. Sunlight is a rich and natural source of Vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight facilitates the synthesis of vitamin D by the skin.    There are five types of Vitamin D – D1, D... more info

How Important Is Iron For Children

Iron is the essential substance that builds hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the main oxygen rich (metalloprotein) molecule that is contained in the red blood cells (RBC). When the red blood cells are circulated all through the body, oxygen reaches all the cells.   This oxygen is employed in All cell functions of the body He... more info

Should Children Be Given Multivitamin

Most children equate food to buttery rolls, sweet, creamy desserts bottomless packs of salted crispees and of course the ubiquitous cola drinks. Their mantra for balanced nutrition? Eat what you want and then swallow that attractively colored multivitamin pill.  But health and nutrition does not come with a colored pill. They co... more info

What Does Vitamin D Deficiency Lead To

When there is a Vitamin D deficiency it is called Hypovitaminosis D.   Reasons for deficiency   Deficiency arises due to Heredity reasons (this happens less frequently) Decreased exposure to sunlight that contains ultra violet B rays. This may be on cloudy days, in winter, in places of low latitudes and in the polar re... more info