5 Fun Summer Workouts to Reduce Calories

During summer, the most common form of workout is going for a stroll. Walking is good, but there can be lot many ways to keep the outdoor activities going the summer. There are various invigorating and challenging activities that will help you to enjoy as well as they will be a form of workout for you. Here are few examples like hiking, biking, inline skating and many more. These are better fat blasting, reduce calories and give a shaped body. In fact, for these activities one doesn't need to be an expert. All these activities are mostly done during weekends along with family and friends.


Let's discuss five most happening and fun summer workouts that will help to reduce calories:


1.   Hiking: the amount of calories you lose while you go for hiking is great. You lose about 400 calories per hour. It is the most interesting summer activity that is helpful in losing calorie as well as enjoying the weekend. It helps to improve the cardiovascular activities of the body. It makes the thighs stronger and leaner along with that it helps to firm your back to boot.


2.   Inline Skating: there are few high intensity sports like jogging, but sometimes you don't want to do something this strong so you can opt for skating as it is less jarring than jogging. It helps you to get shaped buns and thighs. While skating one loses about 800 calories per hour. The main benefit is that it provides with release of good amount of adrenaline that in turn helps to reduce mental pressure.


3.   Speedminton: want a tank worthy arms, go for speedminton. It is a new game that is played cross among badminton, racquetball, and tennis, but without any walls or nets. For this game player uses a lightweight racquet. When you play this game it makes you feel different and you lose about 400 calories per hour. It helps you to get toned legs, sculpted arms, shaped back, and better hand-eye coordination.


4.   Kayaking: it is beneficial for all bodyparts, especially upper part of the body, shoulders, biceps, triceps and the back. This is because while kayaking one needs to pull the paddle against the water and it is a great resistance. The amount of calorie burned during this activity is 340 per hour. The best part is that you enjoy this activity and it helps you to loss calories. One can do kayaking in both, tranquil sea or the exhilarating white water. People that prefer peace and quietness around opt for tranquil sea.


5.   Cycling: the most common summer workout that helps you to lose about 500 to 700 0f calories per hour. It will mainly depend on your speed and terrain. It helps you to improve your cardiovascular fitness and along with that you can get strong legs and solid bums. It is very useful when it comes to losing weight.


There are various other activities like playing tennis, bike riding, playing softball or beach volleyball that can be fun as well as ways to reduce calories.

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