Acne Scars Treatment No More Scars

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases and is generally identified by people as acne. If this condition does not receive any kind of medical attention then scars tend to form. Due to technological advancement and lot of research many acne scars treatment have been formulated. Acne scars treatment can prove to be quite costly depending on the specific acne scars treatment suggested by the doctor. The first step in the process of acne scars treatment is the attainment of a clear skin so that acne cannot develop during the treatment. The usage of creams for acne will solve the purpose of clearing the skin. Laser treatment and dermabrasion are some of the most recommended form of acne scars treatment. When the scars become shallow, then these types of acne scars treatment are advised for patients. Microdermabrasion is also a type of dermabrasion treatment, where the epidermis is removed from the skin and this treatment is best suited for scars which are recently developed. microdermabrasion can also be done in your home, without the doctor’s help. When the scars are mild then chemical peel can do the task of erasing the scars.  

Type of Laser Therapy for Acne Scar Treatment


When the scars become deep it requires punch technique in the beginning which has to be followed by laser treatment. In the process of augmentation, an injection filled with collagen is used in the area where there are scars so that the surface of the skin becomes properly leveled. The best thing about these acne scars treatment is that they are painless and the process is completed instantly without wasting much of patient’s time. The laser therapy which is used for acne scars treatment is divided into two types: ablative laser therapy and non ablative laser therapy. In ablative laser therapy, the tissue is burned where the scar exists and it takes many months for the scar to get completely healed. In non ablative laser therapy the epidermis is not harmed an even the acne scars gets healed and this form of acne scars treatment is quite popular with patients.


Cost of Acne Scar Treatment 


Sadly health insurance cover does not cover the cost for acne scars treatment, and even if they do, then they will not reimburse the money if the number of treatments exceeds one, which is the case with most of the patients. If the scar has not become severe then the patient can try acne scars treatment which is not costly. The severity of the acne scars is directly proportional to the cost of the acne scars treatment. The theory followed by acne scars treatment is that of the replacement of the damaged cells with new cells. For scars which are deep it is always advisable to consult a doctor before selecting any acne scars treatment. In addition to acne scars treatment, a healthy lifestyle should also be inculcated. Without having proper quantity of water and healthy foods the treatments will not be able to bring in the right kind of results which are expected by the patients.

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