All About Edible Wild Berries

Wild edible berries are one of the backpacking parts of the meals to many because they are delicious and sweet. The wild berries provide enzymes and vitamins making them rich for the human to chase out for them.

The wild edible berries taste much like the domestic berries; this simply means that the wild edible berries have an equal identification as the domestic berries. There are a great number of wild berries that are known by names among them being the straw berries, blue berries and also raspberries. The only difference in these wild berries to the domestic berries is that the wild edible berries are smaller but they taste and just as the domestic ones and are full of nutrition just as the domestic ones.

Wild Berry

Identifying the wild edible berries is easy since one only needs to go out there and taste each berry at a time and the one that taste similar to the domestic counterpart then they share the same name. For instance, if you get the wild berry tasted like the blue berry, there is no doubt that the wild edible berry is the blue berry and the test continues meaning that the way to identify the wild berries is in the taste for they taste similar to the domestic berries.

According to many researches done on the wild edible berries there are 23 species of plants which are well known of produces the berries or the berry-like fruits. Many of the berries produced by the 23 species of the plants are edible and there are those that are not edible and therefore are very bitter in taste. To be able to know which of the wild berries is edible, it is important to start by knowing them and here is a list of the wild edible berries.


This is one of the wild edible berries that are dome shaped and their colour is usually red when they ripen. The thimbleberry is better for jams and sauce than eating. The bush tree of the wild berry is 3-6 feet tall and forms thickets.


This is another of the wild edible berries. It is available from May to July and the berries are orange to the salmon colour no wonder the name the berry is salmonberry which is from the colour. They take the shape of the rasp berries and they grow wild mostly in the road parks and walks.

Trailing Blackberry

This one is an edible wild berry which grows almost like the domestic berries the only difference being that they are smaller in size compared to those cultivated at home. This wild edible berry is ripening between July and September. They are quite thorny and one should be awared of the thorns.

Himalayan Blackberry

Another of the edible wild berries which is large and juicy and it is black when ripe. They are usually available in the months of during to September. They are characteristic for climbing over other plants and they have stout thorns, they form large bushes where they grow, they are dense tickets mostly if the grow in tan area well lit by the sun.

Indian Plum

Blue-black when ripe, these wild edible berries are found in the months May- June. Their leaves are much longer and grow in mixed conditions of sun. They are found along the swamps and the forests too.


They are part of the wild edible berries which are purplish-black in colour and readily in the months of July-September. Its plant has thick leathery leaves which more often form dense thickets. The wild berry was common during winter and it was a winter food when dried and pressed they make cakes.

Oregon Grapes

Just as their name suggest, these berries are grape shaped in their appearance only that for them they grow in bushes that look more like the vine. The colour of the berries is blue-purple and they appear like they are covered by powder. They are available in the months of May to July.

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Acai berries are emrlexety healthy. Their antioxidant numbers are off the charts in comparison to other high antioxidant foods, such as blueberries. Antioxidants can help you lose weight as they destroy free radicals' in your body. Free radicals bind themselves to fat cells, making it difficult to achieve weight loss.The antioxidants in acai berries, along with the rest of their nutritional makeup, also helps with keeping up energy. This is why it's referred to as the new workout cocktail' according to Vogue magazine.You do not have to take the capsule format of the acai berry.
by Sinar     06-Aug-2012

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