Amino Acid Skin care

Dermatologist from the US developed the Amino Acid Skin Care as a unique scientific skin care range that ‘effectively’ and ‘efficiently’ tackles a range of skin problems. There also is an excellent skin care program-daily for normal skin.


The main and the active ingredient in Amino Acid Skin Care is an amino acid based on the protein called ‘fillagrin”. Fillagrin is naturally found in the skin and helps to control the skin's ability to be fresh and retain moisture.    


Why Use Amino Acid Skin Care Products


The most common reason why Amino Acid Skin Care products are used is that they


1Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


2. Reduce permanent damages from photo pigmentation


3. Remove scarring.



4. Improve on acne conditions.


5. Improve the tone & texture, and general health of the skin.


6. To reduce high and differential facial color.


How Do Amino Acids Work To Improve Skin Health


It is scientifically proven that ‘Amino acids’ help each body cell to do its vital repair work and maintenance. There are 28 different Amino acids; 9 of them are termed as "essential," to the body and it means we must have to find them from outside sources like diet. "A diet rich in fish, leafy greens, and other sea food sources takes care of our internal essential needs," explains New York based dermatologist and author of the ‘Your Future Face’- Dennis Gross, M.D.”

But the skin usually and also benefits from amino acids when they're applied continuously", he added.



On most skin's surface, amino acids will "bond with body skin cells to temporarily fill in damages and lines, making the skin appear refreshed and smoother," says co-founder of the skincare company Juice Beauty-Melissa Jochim.


In depth, amino acids are essential to help the skin cells stimulate the production of much needed collagen," adds Gross.


‘Collagen’ is the skin forming tissue that slowly wears and breaks down with stress, exposure to the environment including the sun and most importantly age; by boosting on collagen, Amino Acid Skin Care help create plumper up fine lines, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and resilient skin.


New sophisticated formulas and technology has enabled the Amino Acid Skin Care to do their work more efficiently than ever before.


Amino Acids in Hollywood


Most Celebrity stars in the Hollywood goes for Amino Acid Skin Care for keeping their skin young, resilient and fresh. Acidified Amino Acids from the Amino Acid Skin Care are a ‘revolutionary’ ingredient used in the treatment of skin conditions because they not only clarify and exfoliate the skin; they also eliminating redness, dryness, irritation, and promote moisture retention.

Hollywood talks about amino acid skin care frequently and without talking about which or what’s popular for the skin care-obsessed in the Entertainment industry.

Beauty and Youth are such premiums in the world that no money and any object can bring what you desire and for this reason, every new trend in the skin care industry like the Amino Acid Skin Care- immediately developed passionate followers from all walks of life especially from the big spending Hollywood.


Amino Acid Skin Care- Amino Genesis

It is considered as one of the most popular amino acid skin care treatment systems around the world and it has been one of the best scientific method of skin care and improvement. Amino Acid Skin Care includes moisturizers, cleansers, serums, and a treatment for hair and even targeted repair formulas. Users not only report improvement in cosmetic skin woes and other fine lines, they note that this process of amino acid skin care has had an effect on their skins plagued by rosacea, chronic dermatitis and psoriasis. Further scientific testing and research studies would be required to determine if Amino Acid Skin Care really is an effective long duration/term treatment method for such skin conditions, but the results this far have been very encouraging and promising.

With every product in the Amino Acid Skin Care line containing skin renewing and rejuvenating Amino Acids, your skin will be clearer, smoother, brighter, softer, and firmer. The Amino Acid Skin Care Mild ‘Exfoliating Gel’ is powerful, yet gentle to the skin in reducing hyper pigmentation, rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage and acne blemishes. Amino Acid Skin Care do provides some genuine long term benefits to the skin.

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