An End to Dry Skin And Itching

You would be flabbergasted to know that dry skin which causes the acute need to itch is primarily because of the skin care regime followed by you. Development of dry skin is mainly due to two reasons. First of all, we like to soak ourselves in hot water while taking a bath. No doubt that we enjoy doing that, but have we ever realized what effect it will have on our skin? The answer is a simple no. As, if most of us would have been aware that hot water is not good for the skin and it makes the skin terribly dry then we would have definitely quit the habit. 


Harmful Effects Of Hot Water Bath


Hot water soothes our nerves after a tiring day but at the same time it also takes away the natural moisture of the skin. One should not spend more than fifteen minutes in a bath with hot water.



Avoid Multiple Baths In A Day


Having baths numerous times a day will also have an awful effect on the skin. People who are suffering from dry skin should not take baths more than two times a day.


Apply Aoisturizer After Bath


Moisturizing lotion should be applied after taking a bath. Moisturizer would help you to retain the natural moisture of the skin besides adding a new dosage of moisture to the skin, which would finally aid in reducing the event of dry skin and incessant itching. 


Select Moisturizers Wisely


Secondly we use moisturizers without acquiring sufficient information about its efficiency level. If the moisturizing lotion is not of superior quality then it has the capacity of doing more damage to the skin, by making it dry and dull. The common ingredient which is used for the manufacturing of moisturizers is mineral oils. But very few people know that mineral oil is not good for the skin.


Know The Harmful Effects Of Moisturizer Effectively


Although it gives temporary relief from skin dryness but in the long run it will be a harbinger of bad news for the skin.


Acne formation: These types of moisturizers cannot make their way into the inner layers of the skin and it sticks to the upper region of the skin and does not let the skin breathe, which invariably encourages the formation of acne.



Depletes the natural oil glands: Application of such moisturizers lets our body believe that the normal requirements for the moisture level is being maintained and process of oil production from the oil glands takes place very slowly. It is noticed that when we wash away these moisturizing lotions then the skin gets extensively dry.


Use Herbal Oils Instead To Cheap Brands Or Duplicate Cosmetics


The only solution for dealing with dry skin is the usage of moisturizer which has plant or herbal oils.  These types of oils in moisturizers help them to reach the innermost layer of the skin and then the skin gets moisturized effectively. Avocado oil, grape seed oil, etc has the caliber to give the skin the much needed boost with perfect moisture. Not only do they help a person get liberated from the clutches of dry skin but the oils can also act as an anti ageing agent, which is a boon for almost everybody.

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