Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for Summers

As summer is in full swing you must have found out some ways and means to take care of your skin from the sweltering sun.  Though tanning is a common problem in summers but only few of us are aware of its long term consequences. You will find endless skin care products in the market but what fits you will have to be picked by you and at the same time see to it that it helps you to fight the signs of aging. If you are confused regarding selecting the summer skin care products then below are the few tips to help you out.


Before we go into the details of how to care for your skin during the summers let us look at the hazardous effects of prolonged sun exposure. Exposing our body into the sun for prolonged periods can lead to:



  1. Untimely aging and creation of wrinkles 

  2. Blackhead breakouts 

  3. Appearance of whiteheads 

  4. Manifestation of pimples and acne

  5. Skin cracks and peels 

  6. Sore lips

  7. Skin Blemishes and all this leading to sun burn


Eye Care during Summers


Bear in mind that the skin care which you adopt during summer need not only include your facial skin but it should take into considerate on your entire body as well. Give your eyes that dazzling tonic look by means of eye repair serums, and eye care gels. These make your eyes refreshing and also do away with the crow's feet about your eyes. You can provide your eyes with a cool, soft and soothing effect by applying cotton pads drenched in milk and cucumber glue. Your eye muscles will relax this way. 



Apply an Oil Free Sun screen


Sunscreen lotion gives you protection from UV rays while going out in the sun. Exposure to the sun for a long time will not only accelerate our aging process but will also lead to some skin problems in the future. So make it a practice to apply a sun block cream at least fifteen minutes before you go out in the sun.


According to Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut “I always look for 'oil-free' on (sunscreen) labels—'sheer' doesn't necessarily mean oil-free. I like Citrix Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 30”.


Hydration is the solution


Hydration is significant, particularly all through the summer season. Apart from drinking adequate water you must also see to it that you consume foods which contain lots of antioxidants and cellular water. To efficiently add-on to your diet, contemporary skincare products are also to be used.


Products with SPF 15



Any products that you use on your skin should be a good moisturizer which contains screen block and protection. The product that you use at summer times must also provide protection with SPF 15. Moisturizers will help you to maintain your skin’s smoothness and will also protect it from the UVA rays that can be damaging to your dermis.


  1. Make use of cool water when you clean your skin. In reality if you use hot water then it will surely damage your skin especially during summer.

  2. You must try to get minimum 8 hours of sleep and this will go a long way to help your skin. A gorgeous glow can be found in your dermis if you are able to get an eight hour sleep that is suggested for everyone especially during summer.

  3. Laying on the sunny beaches or simply walking when the sun is high in the sky? Remember to have skin care protections applied to your dermis




Bathing during summer is very crucial and this has to be done at least twice in a day. The cool water will benefit your skin to a very large extent. But in case you have been too long out in the sun then be sure not to have a bath immediately since this leaves your skin dry. So wait for sometimes before you go for showering.  Apart from this as you would be using soap take care to see that the soap which you use is soft and effective. Get to know whether your soap contains moisturizers and other skin nourishing components.

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