Are Lotions Helpful For Dry Skin


It must be a harrowing revelation for most of us to deal with the fact that the most trusted skin care lotions does not function as the advertisements claim to be. It is very important to check the ingredients of the lotion that you are about to buy.


Choose the Lotions Wisely


If the ingredients comprises of water and mineral oil then you should immediately take a step back and do not purchase such type of lotions. Mineral oil can affect your skin in a harmful manner. Mineral oil merely acts as plastic drape on the skin. The penetration power of mineral oils are nil, hence the lotion cannot do its work properly making the skin dry. And the same condition applies for petroleum jelly as well. There are some types of lotions which boast of water as their main ingredient. All the consumers believe that water will help in keeping their skin moist and prevent it from getting dried. But this notion is not at all true. Since our skin is composed in such a way, that water cannot penetrate through it. So putting water in bold letters is just another marketing gimmick, utilized by cosmetic companies. 


Aloe Containing Skin Lotions


A skin lotion which consists of aloe can prove to bear good results for people suffering from dry skin. Aloe is mostly used by people to heal burns and to protect the skin from the sun. Aloe has been used for many purposes but majority of people are not aware of the fact that aloe can do wonders for dry skin. Aloe not only cures dry skin but it can provide a lot of relief to people who are suffering from acne, bites from insects, etc. Aloe has great penetration ability which helps it to penetrate through our skin, which is waterproof in nature. It also helps to retain the moisture of your skin for longer periods.



Beneficial Effects of Aloe


It is easy to get allured by the glitzy packaging of skin care products. But it is the ingredient of the product which makes the ultimate difference. The ingredient is one of the most important criteria, which should be used while choosing a lotion for dry skin.


1. Aloe can keep your skin moisturized and provide it with a natural glow.


2. Aloe acts as a moisturizing agent as it provides the cells of the skin with oxygen and the tissues of the skin strengthens which helps the skin to function in an active manner.


3. The natural glow is introduced in the skin, as all the dead cells of the skin get removed.  


4. Doctors have been using aloe based products to treat serious skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, etc.


A well moisturized skin will prevent the skin from ageing prematurely, and pigmentation also decreases. The good cosmetic products have aloe as their primary ingredient and its benefits are automatically reaped by the consumers who purchase such type of products. A skin care product chosen on the basis of a commendable ingredient can erase away the entire plight caused by dry skin.

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