Aromatic Bath Salt's

A large number of people use these bath salts for the purpose of reducing stress. These salts not only boost one’s energy levels but they also lead to an improvement in one’s mood. There are a number of available scents that each serves a different purpose. These are usually created by those are interested in arts and crafts and like to channel their creative energy into something constructive. These are great to give out as gifts and since they are pretty to look at, one may show them off in their guest bathrooms. However, if one is not interested in making them, they are easily available in the market.

If one wishes to make these bath salts, it is extremely easy and cheap to do so. The ingredients required are salt, baking soda and the fragrance. Epsom Salt, Rock Salt and Sea Salt are used most commonly when one is making aromatic bath salts. However, one must opt for that salt which has large grains and is extremely course. Opting for table salt is not wise as it contains additives. However, non-iodized salt of the same kind is easily available and can therefore, be used.

The fragrance can be created with the help of scented oils as well as herbs. This must be carried out with great caution. If you opt for scented or essential oils, it is mandatory that you make sure that the chosen oil can be used during a bath. One must be aware of those oils that are created just for the purpose of creative projects but are not to be used for the purpose of creating bath salts.

If one opts for herbs, you must mix the herb and the above mentioned salts in a glass container and covered the top with a tight plastic lid. One can also use plastic to cover the lid and then put a metal cover over it. This concoction must be left alone for about 3 weeks so that the salts are able to extract the scent from the herbs. After 3 weeks, the herbs must be taken out so that the aromatic bath salts can be used. This herbal bath will provide you with great comfort and extreme relaxation due to its natural benefits.
A large number of recipes are available online that list out the exact steps necessary for the purpose of creating aromatic bath salts. Most of these recipes suggest adding baking soda to the above mentioned salts so that the water can be made softer. According to the instructions, you must add the baking soda as well the salt into the tub when it is still filling up and then in the end, add the chosen oil just before you begin to soak in the tub. This allows you to have an extremely relaxing bath but one cannot show these aromatic bath salts off because they are directly mixed into the bath water and are not displayed in a glass bottle like other aromatic bath salts. It is also not possible to give these away as gifts. However, one must be careful while making such bath salts as the baking soda may have an undesired reaction with your skin. Therefore, this must be taken care of.
Even though these aromatic bath salts may be easy to create, one must be overtly cautious while preparing them. Even though the recipe may work for one person, it is not necessary that it will work for you. Therefore, it is essential that you carry out experiments if you wish to give it away to someone as a gift. One must also make sure that the ingredients one uses are complimentary to each other and do not lead to safety problems. One must always buy the required ingredients from trusted stores or from those who are happy with the results.
Using these aromatic bath salts allows you to relax without going to a spa and spending money. One must be very careful when adding oils into the bath water as only a few drops are needed for a large tub full of water. Adding too much can lead to skin irritancy problems and rashes. Therefore, this must be kept in mind.

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