Ayurveda And Gastric Problems


Accumulation of gas in the digestive tract leads to gastric problems. When food stays in the stomach for too long, it begins to break down and does not move through the digestive tract as it should. This condition creates gas or acidity in the stomach.  


Adhmaan: In Ayurveda gas related problems are known as ‘Adhmaan.’ Adhmaan is caused in body by the aggravated or disturbed Vata dosha. A specific type of gas namely known as ‘Apaan vayu’ is affected and results in heaviness in the lower abdomen. Relief comes only after the air is passed through rectum. Till then the patient suffers from heaviness in the lower abdomen, pain and abdominal discomfort.



Gastric problems

Ayurveda stresses a lot on digestive system care as it is the basis of good health. Diseases occur only when the digestive process is disrupted.  When food is properly digested the nutrients are easily absorbed by the cells. This promotes the general health of the body and also builds immunity against diseases. So, Ayurvedic treatment focuses mainly on proper diet and life style as a preventive measure against diseases. The curative methods of Ayurveda involve herbal medicines, certain procedures to de-toxify the body and to help the body to return to its healthy condition.  


Causes for Gastric Problem



Flatulence/Distenstion and gastric problems: Ayurveda attributes the gastric problems to the vitiation of Vata dosha. Due to improper food intake or overeating; digestion suffers (may be due to weak liver functions). Due to improper digestion, faeces retained inside leads to accumulation of acid and gas in abdomen. This condition is known as flatulence or distension. The trapped gas may cause unbearable pain in stomach.


Signs and Symptoms of Gastric Related Problems




  1. Coated tongue

  2. Foul breath

  3. Bad taste in mouth

  4. Increased salivation

  5. Scanty urination

  6. Uneasiness



  1. Loss of appetite

  2. Nausea

  3. Vomiting

  4. Headache

  5. Dizziness

  6. Pain/discomfort in stomach.

  7. Constipation


Ayurvedic Remedy for Gastric Problem


Key Medicines


  1. Aarogyavardhini vati,

  2. Praval pishti

  3. Mukta shukti

  4. Avipattikara Churna,

  5. Shankha vati,

  6. Shankha Bhasma,

  7. Kumaryasava,

  8. Soot shekhar ras,

  9. Kapardak bhasam

  10. Rasonadi vati

  11. Hinguvastaka Powder: It works well with other Ayurvedic medicine like Aarogyavardhini vati, Avipattikara Churna, Shankha vati, Shankha Bhasma, Kumaryasava, and Rasonadi vati.   

  12. Ayurvedic Churan: For old people and those with a weak liver, it is advised to take the Churna made of equal quantities of Harar Jangi Churan, Hingvastika Churan and Meetha soda. This mixture should be taken with hot water every half an hour after meals to expel the impurities, namely ‘Ama.’

  13. Hingavadi Vati: Hingavadi Vati made with equal quantities of Amchur, dry mango powder, Black pepper, Roasted Hing, Ajwain, Pippali, Sonth, black salt, Rock salt and sea salt as a pill is effective in relieving gas. Taking 2 pills with water 2 or 3 times a day works well to get rid of gas.

  14. Shanka Bhasma: Alternatively “Shanka Bhasma” Or “Baskara Lavana” can be taken with butter milk one hour before meals.

  15. Castor oil and milk for gastric problems: Take 2 table spoon full castor oil with warm milk at bed time is beneficial for constipation which in turns helps in relieving gastric problems.

  16. Ayurvedic Massage for gastric problems: A massage to the stomach using a mixture of castor oil and black salt is a good Ayurvedic therapy to get immediate relief from gastric problems. 


Foods to Avoid in Gastric Problems


  1. Minimize or avoid dried beans, baked beans, peas, soy beans etc. 

  2. Milk, Cheese and ice creams should be avoided as they contain lactose which is difficult to digest.  

  3. Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, radish and asparagus induce gas formation in the stomach and should be taken in minimal quantity. 

  4. Roots like potatoes and turnips should be avoided as they lead to gas formation. 

  5. Among fruits, bananas, apples, apricots and raisins should be minimized. 

  6. Breads, cereals, fried and deep fried foods, carbonated beverages and fizzy medicines are all capable of inducing gas production in the stomach and hence should be avoided. 


Home Remedies for Gastric Trouble


  1. Garlic can be taken with warm water for relieving gas.

  2. Hing with warm water also relieves gas.

  3. Ginger piece on which a few drops of lemon juice is sprinkled can be eaten for immediate relief

  4. Castor oil works best to set right the increased gas, vata related doshas.

  5.  Take a lemon with a glass of luke warm water every day morning empty stomach to get rid of gastric problem.

  6. Regular intake of coconut water works as miracle medicine for gastric.

  7. A glass of butter milk with jeera (cummin) powder and salt, at bed time.

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I am severely suffering from gas trouble, please for your suggestion to get relief soon..
by Pranjit Kumar Thakuria     19-Feb-2012
I am severely suffering from gas trouble, please for your suggestion to get relief soon..
by Pradip Singha     21-Feb-2012
I am suffering from gas formation in both sides with sound. Please provide me easy solution at home for the problem. Thanking you. Contact E-mail : gobinda0509@gmail.com
by Lipika Mohapatra     25-Feb-2012
Hi, Good afternoon.... I'm having gas problem, it's make me fell stress and worry when eat. After eat, i fell Uncomfortable and fell that food bloking the throat. Please do advice me......thank you.
by Saravanes     14-Mar-2012
pls let me know how to get rid of the gas trick. what ever is eat immediately gas forums.
by sharmil ajohn     31-Mar-2012
Hi I'm having gas problem , its make me feel stress and worry when I eat and after meal i feel uncomfortable and feel that food is blocking the throat . please advice me ........... thanks
by showry     06-Apr-2012
Hi, Im severly suffering from gastric & lower abdomen pain,usually I used to get it,please suggest me
by Rashmi     17-Apr-2012
Helped me the below therapy in pain relief; A massage to the stomach using a mixture of castor oil and black salt is a good Ayurvedic therapy to get immediate relief from gastric problems
by cdbp     18-Apr-2012
hi good evening exces gas is formed soon after eating stomack is always bulcky
by anusuya ganesan     21-Apr-2012
I have one proplam but big. Please help me.gastaic proplam of body. So all area pine. Cheast pain in left side. After relice from gas after ok. Some time right side also pain, and head. This pain onely two or three mintus only. After change another area. So i am no sleep and working time also pain. So i need good remedys please. I am working from sauid arabia. I take already three month of suffer but no clear. Please helap me.
by Kandhankumar     23-Apr-2012
I am very glad to see your project for human beings is highly benifecial there are a lot of natural treatment of disease Thanks sir
by Vimal prakash     26-Apr-2012
by Vimal prakash     26-Apr-2012
I am severely suffering from gas trouble fron three month and use avipattikar churna but not any rilief.pls suggest alternate medicine.
by umesh     04-May-2012
Hi, My fiancee is suffering from gastric since long time, Please tell me few suggestions to get rid of it.
by Nisha     20-May-2012

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