Ayurveda For Prickly Heat

Prickly Heat is a form of rash arising from with excessive sweating during hot and humid climate.  Ayurveda name for prickly heat is Pidaka. Prickly heat appears in the surface of the body in areas in which the sweat glands are blocked. Usually the person with prickly heat suffers from burning, itching and tingling.  

Ayurveda and Prickly Heat

According to Ayurveda people of Pitta constitution are more prone to prickly heat.  Ayurveda recommends that the affected person should stay away from heat and humidity. The person should have lots of fruit juices.

Prickly Heat Symptoms

The most common symptom is excessive sweating. There may be small eruptions on the skin and the skin turns red in the affected areas. Itching and burning sensation is found in some cases of acute condition of prickly heat.  Get fresh air as much as possible wipe out sweat immediately as and when it appears. Taking bath can also help to keep the body fresh and cool. It is also important to drink plenty of water.

Causes of Prickly Heat

Clogging of the sweat pores of the skin is the main cause of prickly heat. Creams, dirt or talcum powder are known to block the pores. The condition is aggravated by wearing non-absorbent clothes thereby preventing evaporation of sweat. This creates the really uncomfortable prickly heat.

Ayurveda Remedy for prickly heat 

  • Drink plenty of buttermilk.
  • Daily intake of Grape fruit and juice is very helpful in reducing the discomfort.
  • Coconut water taken on empty stomach is also recommended.
  • Cold infusion of Coriander taken daily is also advised.
  • Ayurvedic medicine Parval Pish is recommended to be taken with honey twice a day. It is both preventive and curative.
  • Cold bath and exposure to fresh air are important to make the body feel fresh and cool.
  • Drinking plenty of water also helps the body to deal with excessive heat and prevents dehydration due to excessive sweating.
  • Almonds, dry grapes are helpful in coping with prickly heat.

Prevention and Caution

When prickly heat occurs it is better to deal with it in the ways described above. If it is allowed to aggravate, it may lead to bacterial infection. Consuming watery vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd and fruits like watermelon can prevent or stop the aggravation of prickly heat. Yoga and breathing exercises are highly beneficial in preventing prickly heat. Wearing cotton clothes that absorb the sweat is recommended to make the person comfortable. Comfortable fitting clothes help to allow the body access to fresh air which is helpful in curing prickly heat.

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