Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is mainly due to the increasing weight of the fetus and it is experienced by almost every pregnant women. Sometimes due to the back pain the body posture gets affected and it can make the pain much more severe. As and when there is an increase in the fetus, there is an increase in the area of the abdomen as well but there is no such increase in the back portion of the body, which primarily gives rise to back pain during pregnancy. Another reason due to which back pain during pregnancy transpires is due to the increase of progesterone in the body. Progesterone production in the body increases in order to facilitate the smooth delivery of the baby through loosening the joints that are present in the pelvic area and this as a result leads to back pain during pregnancy. 

Generally back pain during pregnancy can get extreme during the last phase of pregnancy when the delivery date is quite close. One of the best ways to handle back pain during pregnancy is to maintain the right posture throughout the pregnancy. So whenever you are standing, you should make sure that your back is completely straight and you should avoid slouching. It is better to avoid sleeping on your back as it might increase the intensity of the pain. To derive some comfort you can either apply ice pack or take a warm water bath. 
Even though back pain during pregnancy, is a natural phenomenon, one should not ignore it as it might lead to severe complications. It is better to avoid any kind of strenuous physical activities so that the back does not need to endure any kind of stress. Most often back pain during pregnancy can also be due to undergoing too much of physical activities as it puts a lot of stress on the back. Even standing for hours at a stretch, can cause back pain during pregnancy. Therefore one needs to avoid these things in order to prevent back pain. It is also important to take breaks in between your work, so that too much of stress does not coagulate in the back. Lifting heavy weights should also be avoided during this time. If you feel that the condition is worsening with time, then you need to seek the advice of the doctor so that all the tests can be done for the right diagnosis and treatment for the back pain. 

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