Beat the Summer Heat

There is no getaway from summer but you can cope up with it by changing your lifestyle. Even an effortless activity will cause sweating a lot as summer is the time when energy level is low. You can beat up summer with simple lifestyle changes.


Right Drinks for Summers


By taking appropriate cooling items you can get enough energy to beat sun’s rays. First thing that you have to supply to your body is adequate amount of water as it is vital component of body to maintain the metabolic functions. This will compensate the moisture lost as sweating.  Drinking water stored in clay pots keeps your body hydrated and cool.  


Cool drinks and fruit juices such as lime juice, cucumber juice or buttermilk form an excellent option to keep your body energetic and cool throughout the day. Coconut water can be taken if you desire to get double benefit of cooling as well as nourishment. Tender coconut water is rich with sugar, proteins and fiber along with lot of vitamins and minerals. It is better to limit tea and coffee. However, if you prefer flavored fluids, then go for unsweetened made ice tea. Green tea offers you a lot of botanical benefit besides its marvelous taste. They are rich in antioxidant.  Green tea has anti-cancer properties and it seems to enhance the health of brain and heart and accelerate enzyme production that is needed to fortify the immune system. While Ginger tea will reduce inflammations, Peppermint and chamomile teas act as carminative agents and antispasmodic


Right Meals for Summers


Chilled soups are wonderful appetizers to commence your meals in summertime. You can have tomato or any mixed vegetable soups with refreshing mint and coriander flavor added to your meals for getting the best cooling effects. Similar to chilled soups, salads forms wonderful option when it comes to your summer meals. They are comfortable to make and are very healthy.  The more the quantity of fresh and clean vegetables in your diet, the healthier your body will be in days of summer. They are easy to digest in summer. Vegetables such as beetroot, lettuce, coriander, cabbage can be used for preparing salads. You can add salt, lemon and pepper or alternatively can add hung curd to salads. Curd is known for its cooling properties. It can be consumed as lassi or raita.


You have to include fresh fruits in your summer meals as they are refreshing and nutritious at the same time. Juicy fruits like litchi, strawberry and water melons can be taken to beat heat. Vegetables like onions, bottle gourd, tomatoes, celery and tomatoes are advisable. Opt for light gravies formulated from curd and tomatoes than rich gravies formed from coconut and poppy seeds. Cumin seeds can add to make your meals cooler. It is better to avoid spicy foods.


Right Exercises for Summers


Choose physically lighter activities to practice for summer times. You can walk early morning to experience coolness of nature. You can go for swimming and similar cool exercises in summer days. Take periodic rest in between outdoor activities. You can make your indoors cool by hanging a wet cloth on an open window, while doing physical exercises. Early morning exercise or yoga is best for the body.


Right Dressing for Summers


Choose loose, light colored cotton clothes to wear in summer days. This natural fabric is cooler than synthetic ones and is ideal for summer days. Wear Protective hats while going outside in scorching heat. Light colors reflect sunlight more and so it is better to avoid dark colored clothes. Wearing a sunglass and carrying a parasol is better to protect yourself from scorching heat. Over-sized sunglasses are excellent as they provide comprehensive protection for your eyes along with a stylish appearance. Have an excellent mobile shade by wearing a nice hat with a large brim.

Right Makeup for summers


UV rays can not only crush the collagen of your skin but also generate wrinkles and dry patches. Smear sunscreen lotion of SPF 15 or of more than SPF 15 to avoid sunburn. While buying sunscreen lotion you have to ensure it is not suntan but a genuine sunscreen. Ensure it is water resistant and contains bronze. You can get UV-protection cosmetics to put on your sunscreen lotion to get an effective protection. Aloe-vera gel will give you an instant tan remover and skin coolant. Smear a protective lip balm on your lips to maintain its suppleness throughout summer. For long lasting makeup, it is better not to use moisturizer. Keeping a hand-fan, when going outside is also a smart idea. By following this you can easily beat summer heat.


Home-Made Tan Removing Mask


Home-made mask is an effective way to beat the summer heat. It can be easily made at home and apply it once or twice a week depending upon the delicacy of your skin. The ingredients which you require to make a “home-made tan removing mask” are:

  1. Oats

  2. Warm Milk

  3. Honey

  4. Cucumber

  5. Lemon


Common Mistakes in Summers Those are Fatal for Our Skin


  1. Do you have brown skin? Do you feel safe going out without any protection? If you feel “yes” then you are wrong because the harmful rays can be equally damaging to the skin as compared to your fair skinned counterparts.

  2. Women often refrain from using moisturizer feeling that it may add greasiness to their skin but it’s just a myth as hydration is a must for any season be it summers or winters, both equally suck the hydration and helps in maintaining the skin charm.

  3. Avoid using razors or any of the hair removal creams as they can damage your skin. Consult your skin specialist for the best method.

  4. Bleaching agents are not good as they can leave your skin dry and may also increase its sensitivity to the sun.

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