Benefits Of Alfaalfa

Alfalfa sprouts are members of the pea family. The sprouts are derived from the seeds and are in white with thread like tops. The legume grows anywhere and is ready for harvest in little more than a week.  

Alfalfa is used in Chinese and modern medicine. It is an ingredient in most homeopathic medications due to its nutritional and healing value. Alfalfa is a very effective antioxidant. It neutralizes radicals that tend to cause oxidation in the body. On regular consumption, the skin tends to retain its tone and looks young and healthy. It is a popular herbal remedy for heart and cardio vascular diseases. Blood pressure changes either high or low is major problem in many countries. Alfalfa is one the highly recommended remedies for this problem.
Alfalfa is highly recommended for Arthritis. A compound called saponin is responsible for reducing pain and swelling. It was established that people with arthritis have toxins in their stomach which cause inflammation of joints. Saponin tends to neutralize these toxins in the GI canal and provides relief. After prolonged use, some of them even stop medication for arthritis. The Saponin present has detergent properties as well and can clean organs of the body. Saponin works on the lymph, a fluid circulating in the body apart from blood. There is a build up of mucous in the lymph close to an injury site. This can result in accumulation of toxins which need to be drained away to facilitate recovery and maintain a clean condition of the interiors of the body. Alfalfa also aids recovery of sores and wounds by relieving pressure from swellings.
Many studies reported that alfalfa reduced blood cholesterol levels. This was attributed to the fibrous chemicals present in it. They act to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) which causes blockages without affecting the intake of good cholesterol (HDL).
Alfalfa also contains chemically active chlorophyll. It has been established that chlorophyll can cause quick regeneration of red blood cells. In several experiments conducted, the red cell count was back to normal with in a week’s time. It was also shown to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of red cells and aid in repair of tissues. Chlorophyll in alfalfa has anti oxidant properties and along with vitamins, it neutralizes free radicals that can radicalize healthy cells and damage them. It was also observed that prolonged use of alfalfa tends to reduce carcinogenic risk and other DNA mutations.
Many pregnancy discomforts are alleviated by the use of alfalfa tablets, including morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and anemia. Consumption can help prevent dizziness, anemia and help get rid of the sick feeling on waking up. Since it is a rich source of vitamin K it helps boost the levels in pregnant women thereby reducing postpartum bleeding. It also enhances lactation and sustains it for a longer period of time. The vitamin K present can also help shore up the levels in babies and they are born with no blood defects. 
Consumption over a period of time was also found to boost immunity. Despite age, many people who have been taking alfalfa juice have found that they don’t fall sick often. They are also immune to contagious elements like cold. Alfalfa has good amount of Vitamin A as well. It is good for vision and people with short-sightedness have benefited a lot from its consumption
Many homeopaths recommend alfalfa for controlling hair loss. It is usually taken with carrot juice and helps growth of hair. The high protein content in alfalfa is responsible for this amazing attribute. There is also a reduction in dandruff and peeling of scalp.
It is also used to treat and prevent kidney stones. Vitamins A, E and zinc prevent help consolidation of other minerals and wastes in the urinary tract. It is also an excellent diuretic and the fiber content helps regulate bowel movement. 
Alfalfa also lowers the risk of cancer. Chances of cancer of lymph cells are lowered due to daily consumption. It also lowers risk of leukemia. Calcium and fiber in alfalfa also help prevent colon cancer. It was proved that amino-acid called L-canavanine was responsible for lowering the risk of leukemia.  
Alfalfa juice should to be consumed everyday to keep the body in good shape.

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