Benefits of Collagen Hydrolysate

Our body contains a lot of fibrous protein called Collagen protein or Type II Collagen. In fact, it constitutes 30% of total protein found in a human body.


It is a very necessary ingredient of our body and is required for the development and growth of muscles, development of cartilage tissue, provides structure to the tendons, development of connective tissue and helps in growth of bones and tendons.


When our body is young, it produces a lot of collagen protein and this protein gets stored in our body. However, with aging this production decreases and our body is not capable enough to rebuild this collagen protein on its own. In fact, researches shows that once we cross 25 years of age, every year the level of production of collagen protein decreases at about 1.5%. This is just an aging phenomenon and can't be stopped (by the age of 45 we lose about 30% of collagen protein from our body). This leads to reduced capacity of our body to repair the connective tissues that support our body.


With decreased collagen protein, a person's cartilage strength reduces and the body systems that contain cartilage also get affected. This in turn leads to joint pains, muscle pain, body ache. Overall a person takes time to get recovered from injuries.


One of the methods popularly known to replace this collagen in our body is Collagen Hydrolysate. It is basically mixed in the diet (in meat and animal products) and is effectively broken down so that its absorption by the body is easy. However, there are many cases where the intake of collagen hydrolysate is very low especially in case of vegetarians. This is the reason that industries are producing collagen supplements and people find it necessary for their body.


Dr. Steffen Oesser a doctor from the University of Kiel in Germany has researched well on collagen hydrolysate and has shown studies that prove it reaches human joints and affect joint tissues in a positive way.


It's very necessary for a fit and healthy body. It is useful for people like:

  1. Especially, old age people suffering from bone problems, joint pain and arthritis.

  2. Overweight people

  3. People in an occupation that requires a lot of knee bending (predispose to osteoarthritis).

  4. People with a history of ligament injury or joint injury.

  5. People involved in non-occupational physical activities. Mainly recreational gardeners, cyclists, football player and runners.

  6. A person with family history of genetic predisposition or arthritis.

  7. It is also beneficial for people already suffering from arthritic conditions and degenerative joint disease. It mainly reduces inflammation, improves joint condition and functions, reduces pain and improves mobility/flexibility.

Collagen hydrolysate is a dietary supplement and not an addictive food or a pharmaceutical drug, so basically it doesn't have any side-effect. There are few rare cases of diarrhea or flatulence has been recorded. Apart from this it is safe to consume (but it's good if taken after consultation from a doctor). In fact, in 1999 America's FDA has confirmed it as GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe).

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