Benefits Of Eating Kale

Plenty of times when one mentions the term kale all the response that you get from the listener is an expression that states I don’t recognize this one for certain. Kale is a green leafy vegetable and is easily procured at green grocers. Kale is mostly got during the months between winter and spring.


Kale Provides one With Plenty of Health Benefits all Within one Product. The Benefits are:


1. Kale is laden with several vitamins and minerals that will meet all the requirements of your daily nutrition content. It has calcium, lutein, iron, vitamin A, C and K. It is also laden with beta-carotene and vitamin C and loads of fiber.


2. Kale is known to protect one against cancer as it is laden with phytochemicals and sulforaphanes along with indoles which are known to protect one against cancer and the harmful mutation of cells.


3. Kale has plenty of vitamin E which works as an effective antioxidant and goes on to generate several health benefits.


4. It boosts the body’s immune system and hence keeps one away from germs and infectious diseases. People who consume kale regularly can keep colds and coughs at bay too.


5. Kale is able to get the liver functioning at top level and hence the production of bile which will aid in the digestion and removing of harmful oxidants from the body.


6. Kale can stop the proliferation of cancer cells especially in the case of breast cancer.


7. Kale helps one in their pursuit of losing weight. If you are looking for something that fills you up and has few calories and packed with benefits then you must reach out for kale.


8. Kale is able to stop the colon cancer cells right in its track which enables it to be completely eliminated from the person’s body.


9. Kale also has a beneficial effect on tumors. If it is not able to stop tumors from persisting further it can at least retard the growth the tumor and inhibit its further growth.


10. Kale has been known to have protective resources for ovarian cancer.


11. When you have a lot of kale it gives you enough carotid which makes it difficult for cataracts to develop in one’s eyes and also gives sharp eyesight.


12. Kale has emerged as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that keep you guarded against several ailments and help you deal with life threatening diseases.


13. It is available easily all year round although it is best grown I certain seasons especially winter. It is easy to make and eat. You can either blanch it or add it to any main dish and it will make the dish tastier and add on the extra vitamins.


14. Try and consume kale everyday and you will find yourself in the pink of health all the time throughout the year. Kale helps you to promote overall health and well-being with ways that are not expensive and right off your kitchen shelf.

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I just finished a plate of baked Kale it was incredible. Use the leaves, washed and dried, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with S & P, cook in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes. Better than any chip snack.
by Patty     19-Feb-2012
For a yummy kale salad: chopped fresh kale lemon juice to taste olive oil red peppers feta cheese Enjoy!
by Tara     31-Mar-2012

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