Benefits Of Eating Sprouts


Most people are aware of the health benefits they can get by eating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and organic foods on a regular basis. However, there are some specific foods which you can include in your diets to augment the health quotient. Sprouts are live foods. One of such foods is alfalfa sprouts. They contain many nutrients and minerals which you cannot get from even fresh vegetables. Many compounds that are present in sprouts improve digestion. They are also rich in antioxidants. Some notable benefits of eating sprouts are discussed below. 


Sprouts are Oxygen Rich Live Foods: Sprouts contain oxygen in them. As sprouts are living food, they are enriched with several molecules of oxygen. Oxygen is important to maintain the cells healthy. Foods which are rich in oxygen can fight against bacteria and prevent entry of viruses into our body system. A good amount of oxygen through foods is essential for us to enjoy good health. Sprouts also help in achieving a nutrition balance for the day.  


Sprouts in Maintaining the Alkalinity of Body: Our body needs to be alkaline so that it can remain healthy. Sprouts have the property of keeping our body in alkalized condition. Many foods which we eat and certain toxins present in the body system can offset the pH balance. As sprouts are alkaline in nature, you can easily obtain the pH balance by ingesting sprouts.  


Sprouts Good for Fighting Infections: Healthy fats are available in sprouts. They contain the essential fatty acids which our body requires to perform certain basic functions. Fats to a certain extent are needed by our body to prevent infections. This implies that fats can provide strength to your immune system. Sprouts can reinforce your diets with the fats they have and help optimal performance of your metabolism. 


 Sprouts for Digestion: The natural sources of fiber are sprouts. Fiber keeps the digestive system healthy. It improves satiety in your stomach. It prevents constipation. Including sprouts in your diets brings you all these benefits. You can also load your sandwich with sprouts or include them in your meals to improve your digestion.  


Sprouts Are Rich in Essential Nutrients: Vitamins B and C are available in sprouts. If you keep the seeds soaked overnight and consume them in the following day, you can get increased levels of these vitamins. More benefits with less efforts! 


Sprouts Rich in Proteins: Consuming sprouts increases the levels of protein in our body. A good amount of vegetable protein is available in sprouts. Therefore sprouts support your healthy diet. You can use sprouts as alternative to meat. 


Sprouts For Weight Loss: Sprouts contain low calories. Sprouts can be very suitable to a lifestyle which needs monitoring of weight and reducing calories through diets. As low as 9 calories per ounce only, are available in sprouts. These calories also are got from the healthy carbs, healthy fats and protein that are present in the sprouts. Try loading good amounts of sprouts to your salads and sandwich to get the most benefits of this wonderful vegetable.  


It is interesting to know that even after cooking, sprouts retain vitamins and minerals. Legumes such as ground nut, mung and peas, seeds such as carrot seeds and radish seeds and grains such as wheat, ragi and barley are used for sprouting.

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