Benefits of Gastric Bypass

The benefits of surgery are escape from premature death. Better outlook in life, and longevity to life. People who could not lose weight by means of exercise or pills or diets could benefit from this surgery.

Morbid obesity could cause problems like sexual dysfunction. Persons who have undergone bypass gsurgery have reported normalcy in their sexual lives.


The other health related benefits to gastric bypass surgery are reduction in:


1.   Cholesterol which may lead to heart diseases.

2.   Relief from pain in neck and joints

3.   High blood pressure

4.   Depression

5.   Reduction in fatigue, shortness of breath

6.   Improved physical activity and indulgence in sports due to increase in energy levels.

7.   Reduction of pulmonary disease and cancers.


Gastric by pass surgery is a method by which the body can be made to shed its excess fat but it is not a cure. Patients have to seek the guidance of physician to do exercises and diet which may make the body stay in shape and healthy. Quality of life has improved in patients due to increase in confidence and self esteem. The patients have seen upsurge in their careers. Diabetes related patients have returned to normal after surgery.


This surgery could make diabetics more manageable and controllable.


1.   Weight loss tends to be rapid following this surgery, with most weight loss occurring in the first six (6) months and can continue up to two (2) years.


2.   This surgery has good long-term study results showing a minimum of 15 years sustained weight loss post-operatively.


3.   Due to rapid weight loss, 96% of co-morbidities like diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others greatly improve or are completely resolved within the days and months following surgery.


4.   Expected weight loss is 55 to 80% of excess weight within two (2) years after surgery and many have reached a 100% reduction in excess weight.


5.   This surgery has been performed longer than any other bariatric procedure and has a proven track record and documented data.


6.   There are no implantable devices or foreign materials in the body.


7.   Less frequent follow-up office visit appointments and there is no need for adjustments.


8.   This surgery can change the desire for certain foods and the malabsorption component discourages the intake of fatty foods and those with high sugar content, so it helps control the intake of foods you shouldn't be eating to start with.


9.   This surgery can cause "dumping syndrome" which is the result of eating those rich, creamy foods with high sugar content. Being that your food will travel directly from your stomach pouch to your intestines without mixing in with digestive juices, the high sugar load introduced into the intestines causes severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, sweats, faintness, gas, weakness and palpitations. You can get dumping syndrome by eating something as small as a tootsie roll and it can last a good half hour or more. This can help you avoid those foods that are not a good nutritional choice to begin with.


10.   Most gastric bypass surgeries are done with the laparoscopic approach; that, not only increases patient comfort, but also shortens hospital stays and recovery times. This also results in lower wound complications and blood loss.

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