Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction is known by other names as lipoplasty and suction lipectomy. It is a form of plastic surgery in which “canula” or ultrasound tool is used by the vacuum technique to remove fat below the skin by means of incisions performed by the physician.


Society, in the recent days has placed much importance on looks because of the surge in television and beauty pageants. Individuals want to have proportionate body which can make them feel attractive and the “perfect look”. There are many techniques for getting a healthy looking body, but one of the most popular methods in recent times has been the liposuction method because of satisfactory results and quick recovery. The benefits of this method are fat loss and good appearance.


An individual body may consist of millions of cells and each cell has a unique function of its own. Cells store unused energy as fat which the body uses for emergency purposes as fuel or for shock absorption and insulation.


Excess fat in the body can lead to heart problems. Liposuction can be used to remove pockets of fat that resist exercise or diets. Breast reduction is done to remove extra fat, tissue and skin which cause physical pain in the neck, back, shoulders and headaches.


The liposuction process can be used by the individuals who have unwanted fat because of the below mentioned reasons:

  1. Individuals who are in excellent health but have excess fat in particular regions of the body which are resistant to diet or exercise.

  2. Other individuals who have undergone drastic weight loss due to some illness find extra fat in areas of the body like stomach which gives them a distorted appearance.

  3. Some individuals who lose weight because of crash diets find unwanted fat in the upper arms, neck and the thighs.

  4. Women are likely to have sagging skin in the belly after delivery. They gain a lot of weight and lose self-esteem. Exercise is also difficult as they have a baby and the demands of a new-born rarely give them spare time.

  5. Chemotherapy is the treatment taken by cancer patients. One of the side effects is of the body gaining excess fat and it is very difficult for body to regain normal body weight.

  6. There are families which have obesity in their genes. An obese individual can take liposuction to disregard hereditary traits and modify the shape of their body.

Liposuction has come as a boon for these individuals who can look healthy by removal of excess fat in specific areas.


The Best looking results can be forever and if the concerned patient maintains regular diet and exercise, it will take longer time for the fat to accumulate. Scientific research has seen improvement in self confidence in patients after they undergo liposuction.


It is always better to check on the internet regarding the benefits, side effects and cost of liposuction. Consultation of a physician is a must as they can suggest the best and variable methods of treatment as per the needs of individual.

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