Benefits of Onion

If you don’t eat onion just because it leads to the emission of foul smell from your mouth then you should read this article and after reading it re consider your decision for not eating it. Onion not only adds taste to your food but comes with endless health benefits that we will discuss in detail as we move on.

The importance of onion can be concluded from the fact that it is the second most important horticulture crop after tomatoes. The various forms in which onions can be taken are in raw form, cooked, dried and fried.

Health benefits of onion

Onions are excellent source of vitamin C, B6, B1 and K. They are also rich in flavonoids that acts as anti oxidants and thus fights off with tumor and enhances the immune system. Due to sulfur, onions are good for brain and nervous system.


Onion detoxifies the body

Onions are rich source of sulfur containing amino acids like methionine and cysteine that performs the core function of body detoxification. Methionine and cysteine in onion helps the body to get rid of mercury, arsenic and lead thus preventing there toxicity.

Onions are the best friend of heart

Onion whether eaten raw or cooked prevents the formation of blood clots. Onions increases the levels of high density lipoproteins i.e. HDLs that are good for body. Onions cause thinning of blood thereby preventing the blood clot formation. It also lowers the blood pressure and triglyceride levels in the body.

Onions in preventing cancer

Intake of onion prevents the attack of free radicals on the body cells. Also they have been associated in retard the growth of tumor cells.

Onions lower the blood sugar levels

Onion helps in the breakdown of glucose and hence increases the life span of insulin and thereby is very effective in lowering the blood sugar levels in the body. Also, onion helps in the relaxation of bronchial muscles and hence is quite effective in treating asthma.

Post menopausal women should increase the intake of onions

Onion consumption is very useful in females who have attained the age of menopause. It helps in inhibiting bone loss and thus reduces the chances of osteoporosis in them.

Onions good for oral health

Though onions causes foul odor from mouth but they are good for strengthening the teeth. Also they fight off with bacteria that lead to caries formation.

Onions and sinusitis

Onions help in loosening the mucous and thus are quite useful in severe cases of clogged nose and sinusitis.

Onions and acne

Onions when crushed and mixed with water are beneficial for the removal of acne.

Tips to avoid eye irritation due to onions

When we cut onions, the allyl sulphide mixes with air (moisture) to form sulfuric acid and this causes the secretion of tears.  In order to prevent this irritation, insert the onion in cold water for minutes before slicing.

As we all know that the thing that has some benefits also comes with few side effects too. So is the case with onions also. Excess consumption of onions can lead to gastro intestinal irritation and stomach disorders.



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